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1. Description of Service

The Massachusetts Office of Information Technology (MassIT) provides a reliable and secure data center located at the Massachusetts Information Technology Center (MITC) in Chelsea, MA. Relative information may also be obtained from viewing our services for hosting .

This service includes:

Facilities Management

  • Physical security, cooling, and redundant power
  • Customer access for named users is available during service hours (named users, and all visitors are escorted).
  • Facilities monitoring (power or cooling failures)


  • Rack provided by MassIT
  • Redundant Power Distribution Unit provided by MassIT
  • Network cabling provided by MassIT
  • Hardware installed in rack by MassIT per MassIT facilities standards
  • Network connectivity provided by MassIT at current costs and per MassIT standards (See Network Engineering Service)



Systems Maintenance

  • Not Included

Operating Systems Support & Monitoring

  • Not Included

Disaster Recovery

  • Not Included


Support services include:



2. Service Targets

Service Requirement


Service AvailabilityNetwork access and power and cooling are available 24x7 excluding planned maintenance and unplanned outages.
HVACMassIT will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the temperature of open space in MassIT's Data Center services area will remain between 64 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit, and relative humidity will remain between 30% and 70%. This objective does not apply to localized conditions within a particular customer cabinet, cage, rack or other enclosed space.
PowerMassIT's power availability objective is to have the MassIT AC power provided to Customer's equipment available 100% of the time through generators and our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Our facilities provide power systems that feature continuous, redundant and protected AC or DC power. The redundant power in our facility enables your equipment to run continuously, even in the event of a major outage.
Physical SecurityMassIT will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that access to MassIT's Data Center will be monitored and restricted at all times. Efforts to ensure security to the facility is maintained via security card, video surveillance, and 24x7 onsite security personnel. MassIT's existing access policy provides a process which MassIT's staff and our customers follow to ensure that only those with the proper authority are given access to our Data Center. MassIT's customers understand these processes and are held responsible for any changes of access whether it be new contacts or loss of access for a contact. The customer is responsible to immediately notify MassIT of changes in Data Center access for their staff and to return all assigned devices. Please also see our Access Policy for After Hours and Weekends doc format of mitc_after_hrs_access_policy.doc
Request Fulfillment*

Staff will respond to service requests 7:00 am- 5:00 pm Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Customers can make requests through E2E.

Emergency requests are approved by authorized customer contacts and must be opened as incidents to ensure they are acted on immediately out of normal business hours.

Incident Management* MassIT Service Management Office has standard processes to manage incidents, requests, changes or problems.

Outages or urgent issues should be reported by phone to receive the quickest response 1-866-888-2808.
Replacement of Failed ComponentsFor MassIT managed components included in Co-location, MassIT contracts with hardware vendors to provide on-site "best effort" four hour response.

*Incidents, requests, or changes that are outside the scope of the defined service description or normal service hours will be direct charged to the customer.


3. Service Reporting

The following reporting information is provided to customers as part of this service:



Reporting Interval

Facilities availability reportA report which documents any facilities wide service events, planned and unplannedOn request from Facilities Management.


4. Service Requests

COMiT Service Request*


Lead Time-Business Days

Co-location ServicesThis request is for customers requesting Co-location services at MassIT's Data Center.Lead times depend upon specific request.

*For new service requests only. To manage existing requests, please log into COMiT.


5. Customer Responsibilities

Customers provide architectural, physical and logical drawings to MassIT upon request and will submit the names of personnel who are authorized to gain access to the Data Center. Responsibilities also include coordinating and scheduling maintenance activities through the Change Management process.

For your convenience, you may also view a detailed list of customer responsiblities doc format of colocation_services_definition.doc



6. Chargeback Rate Information

For more information on Chargeback, including an overview of the program as well as current and previous fiscal year rates, please visit our Chargeback Services webpage .

Cost framework: Co-Locations

1. Direct Charges to Customers

1A. Customer Specific - Costs Directly Charged to Customers
Total 1A. Customer Specific - Costs Directly Charged to Customers$0
Total 1. Direct Charges to Customers$0

2. Direct Dedicated Resources

2A. Direct Costs - Salaries (AA) and Fringe (DD), Contract (U05, HH)
Direct Costs - Salaries (AA) and Fringe (DD), Contract (U05, HH)0.20$16,713
Total 2A. Direct Costs - Salaries (AA) and Fringe (DD), Contract (U05, HH)0.20$16,713
2B. Hardware / Software / Contracts (UU, LL , etc)
-Other costs, Reclassifications, Adjustments-$23
- Facilities Management costs-$132,000
Total 2B. Hardware / Software / Contracts (UU, LL , etc)$140,167
Total 2. Direct Dedicated Resources$156,880

3. Indirect Costs

3A. Allocated Shared Resources
Total 3A. Allocated Shared Resources$0
Total 3. Indirect Costs$0

4. Indirect Costs

4A. Shared MassIT Data Center Services
  $ $0
Total 4A. Shared MassIT Data Center Services   $0
Total 4. Indirect Costs$0

5. Allocated Costs

5A. Allocated Costs Not Specific to Service
Allocated Costs Not Specific to Service$31,720
Total 5A. Allocated Costs Not Specific to Service$31,720
Total 5. Allocated Costs$31,720

6. Management Adjustments

6A. Management Adjustments
Management Adjustments$137,400
Total 6A. Management Adjustments$137,400
Total 6. Management Adjustments$137,400

Grand Total: Hosting Products - Co-Locations


7. Rates Pertaining to this Service

7A. Rates Pertaining to this Service
Hosting - Co-location - Recurring (# of Us)-Each U / MonthSV040$18.1817928$326,000
Hosting - Co-location - Set-Up FeeSV030$20,489  
Total 7A. Rates Pertaining to this Service   $326,000

Labor rates for Ad-hoc services are applied when customers request MassIT's assistance with co-located equipment. Customers will be directly charged for labor and materials required to support such request. There is a minimum one hour labor charge for these requests. Direct labor costs will depend on work requested.

*Usage consumption fee = ($20,489/44U per rack = $465 per U used by co-location device.) Total one time set up fee = ($465 x U's consumed) + $720.


Download a complete listing of all chargeback rates xlsx format of FY14 Chargeback Rates

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Published August 14, 2009
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