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1. Description of Product Offering

Disaster Recovery (DR) is defined as the ability of an organization to respond to a disaster or an interruption in services by implementing a disaster recovery plan to stabilize and restore the organization's critical functions.  Disaster Recovery is a specialized product that helps MassIT customers recover their applications after their systems are damaged by natural (hurricane, snow-storm) or man-made events (criminal acts, engineering failures).

Need for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster recovery services are an integral part of MassIT's service offerings.  The ability to recover a system in a timely fashion following an event is crucial to most IT customers.  Commonwealth citizens depend on our systems to provide critical health and human services, public safety, workforce development, and many other services.  Agencies also require IT services to bring in revenue needed to support state services. 

MassIT Disaster Recovery services consist of:

  • Springfield Data Center (SDC) based high availability site
  • Data replication with a one hour data Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
  • 6-12 hour environment Recovery Time Objective (RTO)  
  • Tape and disk backup of defined systems with off-site storage
  • Creation of recovery scripts (documentation)
  • Testing of recovery processes
  • Assistance with designing and obtaining recovery solutions
  • Recovery timeline analysis including plan reviews


Support services include:



2. Service Targets and Metrics


MassIT provides two levels of service:

Service OfferingsDescription
BaseFull backup of all data done at pre-determined intervals and stored offsite.
Note: This is part of the standard service offering within Backup & Recovery.
Full Disaster Recovery*
  • Recovery services provided at SDC.
  • SDC will provide a high availability disaster recovery service with a customer infrastructure RTO of 6-12 hours. 
  • Recovery script  created and stored offsite.
  • Database replication with a RPO of less than one hour.
  • Full and incremental data backups (if applicable) done at pre-determined intervals and stored offsite.
  • Annual Recovery test will be executed (minimum - annually).
  • Validation of Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).

Note: This service is ideal for customer services that rely on mission-critical applications.

*Working with MassIT, agencies must complete BIA's prior to any DR planning.






Recovery Time Availability (RTO)


Production Application recovery time will be 12 hours or less.


Application available to customer
Data Recovery Point Objective (RPO)Production Application databases will be replicated Asynchronously at the Springfield Data Center at 15 minute intervals.SDC DR databases will not me more than 15 minutes behind MITC production
Access to the SDC is via MAGNET and VPN

The Springfield data center is available to all clients using MAGNET to access MITC based applications. VPN access is also available.

Note: Mainframe 3270 SNA access is not available. Mainframe access is available through an IP connection.

SDC access available





Customers may contract with MassIT for Disaster recovery services   



3. Service Reporting

The following reporting information will be e-mailed to customers as part of this service:

ReportDescriptionReport IntervalService covered
Recovery Test Reports, Metrics for Success Criteria, Validation of RTO/RPO Measurements

These are summary reports with results of DR testing.

(Reports will be delivered via e-mail.)

At completion of testingLevel 1
Plan Walk-through/Plan Maintenance

This is a summary report with results of DR Plan Walk-through.

(Reports will be delivered via e-mail.)

At completion of walk-through


Level 1
Plan/Strategy Audit/Certification by Third Party

This is a summary/evaluation report with results of DR strategy/plan audit.

(Reports will be delivered via e-mail.)

At completion of auditLevel 1


4. Service Requests

COMiT Service Request*



Lead Time-Business Days

Disaster Recovery Requests


This service can be initiated through a Service Account Manager.30-90 business days

*For new service requests only. To manage existing requests, please log into COMiT.

5. Customer Responsibilities

Managed Service customers will work with MassIT to add hardware configurations to the SunGard Contract. Customers will also participate in pre-test meetings, define the test criteria and participate in recovery testing.

For your convenience, you may view a detailed list of customer responsibilities docx format of disaster_recovery_services_definition.doc


6. Chargeback Rate Information

For more information on Chargeback, including an overview of the program as well as current and previous fiscal year rates, please visit our Chargeback Services webpage


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