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1. Description of Service 

CommonWiki is provided by an Enterprise Wiki solution called Confluence. CommonWiki is primarily used as a collaboration and knowledge management tool and is not intended to be a repository for static documents or for storing source code or configuration data. This service is available to all customers

Support services include:



2. Service Targets and Metrics


Service RequirementDescription
Service AvailabilityService availability hours are 24x7 with no after- hours support.
MaintenanceMaintenance is performed on an ad-hoc basis and is scheduled through change control. Customers are notified as part of the change control process .
Incident Management*MassIT Service Management Office has standard processes to manage incidents, requests, changes or problems.

Outages or urgent issues should be reported by phone to receive the quickest response 1-866-888-2808.
Request Fulfillment

Staff will respond to service requests between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Emergency requests must be opened as incidents to ensure they are acted on immediately out of normal business hours. 

Outages or urgent issues should be reported by phone to receive the quickest response 1-866-888-2808.

Planned Maintenance
Code-drops for updates to plugins or other configuration occurs on a bi-weekly basis on Wednesdays starting at 9:00am .






< 5 second response timeCommonWiki is expected to refresh pages in less than 5 seconds.Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring




95% AvailabilityCommonWiki is expected to be available 24 by 7 except during infrequent maintenance windows. There is no on call support as the application is informational only and not transaction oriented.Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring

*MassIT Service Management Office has standard processes to managing incidents, requests, change orders and problems.


No CommonHelp support required at this time.


3. Service Reporting

Currently, there are no reports available for this service.


4. Service Requests

COMiT Service Requests DescriptionLead Time-Business Days
User Account Maintenance*Password Reset, Remove Wiki Access, Unable to login to Wiki, Add/Remove User to/from a Group1 Business Day
create New User Accounts*Add Non-State User Account, Add a Group2 Business Days
Space Maintenance*Add/Remove a space/from the wiki2 Business Days
General Inquires*
Additional request such as unable to access a page, permissions, "How to", etc.2 Business Days

*For new service requests only. To manage existing requests, please log into COMiT.

5. Customer Responsibilities

The customer should report service unavailability or performance degradation to MassIT. The customer should also notify MassIT of incorrect permissions or expired user accounts.

For your convenience, you may also view a detailed list of customer responsibilities docx format of commonwiki_service_definition.doc


6. Chargeback Rate Information

The costs pertaining to this service offering are currently funded out of Overhead. No additional detail is available for review.


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