• Certificate Management

    Certificate Management refers to a cryptographic protocol that provides security and data integrity for communications over TCP/IP networks such as the Internet.
  • Security Compliance Services

    This service allows agencies to meet EO504 Compliance requirements.
  • Firewall Protection

    Firewalls provide protection of the assets and resources of intranet services.
  • Risk Assessment

    Technical Risk Assessment services are available to those agencies wishing to deploy applications both internal to MAGnet as well as Internet facing.
  • Security and Threat Analysis

    Security and Threat Analysis, using McAfee Endpoint Protection services, provides support to customers including monitoring, detecting, and alerting of network for evidence of abnormal activity that may be a result of a network intrusion. Education services, Mass.gov cyber security portal, MassIT Twitter account, and support services are also provided within the Security and Threat Analysis Service.

  • Universal Access ID (UAID)

    A UAID allows a user to access enterprise applications including the Comonwealth's Information WareHouse (CIW), DocDirect, HRCMS, MassIT's mainframe, and VPN.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    VPN allows a remote user, external to MAGNet to securely access an agency's application and resources within MAGNet.
  • Vulnerability Assessment

    A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing (or ranking) the vulnerabilities in a system. MassIT provides ad hoc Vulnerability Assessment services to those agencies wishing to deploy applications both internal to MAGNet as well as Internet facing. This service is of value to agencies wishing to examine the security posture of their existing environment(s).