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1. Description of Service

MassIT provides firewall protection services for the Commonwealth's assets and resources.  Remote firewalls support customer hosted applications requiring remote firewall protection utilizing MAGNet services.  Secure remote device managed firewalls are used when a customer requires remote vendor access to equipment or devices located at the customer site.  By using these protection services, MassIT provides customers secure access while protecting the Commonwealth's assets and resources. 

The Remote Firewall service includes:

  • Provision and configure a remote firewall.
  • Establish a firewall perimeter with failover capability in MAGNet connections to DMZ's and to the Internet as a whole.
  • Monitor and change firewall rules when needed.

Remote Device Managed Firewall service includes:

  • Provision and configure a firewall edge for remote customer locations.
  • Provide secure connections for customer vendors to access their devices remotely.
  • Monitor and change firewall rules when needed.

Magnet Security Protection:

Securing MAGNet through managed enterprise firewalls and Internet Gateway services is a service offering that supports resources and infrastructure including:

  • Managed firewalls that ensure access control and secured authorized use of MAGNet.
  • Gateway services that provide a protection layer for all mail passing through the network. All mail is filtered, scanned, and if necessary blocked by reliable and highly available anti-virus, spam and content filtering solutions.

This service offering includes a port charge that is applied to any device that accesses MAGNet via WAN and Campus connections, XDMZ's and hardware supporting UNIX hosting systems.


Internet Protocol (IP) Addressing:

IP addresses are used to "label" a device in order to communicate with other devices or to locate a particular device.  Services include:

  • Adding or returning and IP address or range.


Domain Name System (DNS):

The DNS service translates domain names into their associated IP addresses so that devices can then communicate with one another.  Services include: 

  • Adding or removing a qualified domain name to or from the DNS server.
  • Editing a qualified domain name on the DNS server.
  • Adding Host, CName, or A records on the DNS server.


Support services include:



2. Service Targets and Metrics


Service Requirement


Service AvailabilityService availability hours are 24x7.
Infrastructure Component Availability for Remote FirewallsAll firewall components are available 24x7 excluding planned maintenance.
Infrastructure Component Availability for Remote Device Managed FirewallsThese firewalls are pre-configured and sent to the agency as a plug-and-play device.  Hardware replace should be performed the next day.  The agency has the option to purchase a pre-configured spare that they can swap out and send MassIT the failed device.
Security Availability for Remote Firewalls

The MassIT IP Security equipment will be available and capable of forwarding IP packets 99.999% of the time, as averaged over a calendar month.  The MassIT IP Security includes MassIT owned and controlled security devices located in the Chelsea/Boston Data Center and remote agency locations.

The MassIT Security availability does not include local loop, Customer Premise, Equipment, Customer's Local Area Network (LAN), scheduled maintenance events, customer caused outages/disruptions or interconnection connectivity within other Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks.

Security Latency for Remote FirewallsThis is included in MassIT's network core service.
Planned Maintenance for Remote FirewallsThis requires a weekly 1-2 hour window between 7:00 am-5:00 pm Monday through Friday excluding holidays.  Ad-hoc maintenance is scheduled through change control and customers are notified though part of the change control process.
Request Fulfillment*

Staff will respond to service requests 7:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday excluding holidays.  Customers can make requests through COMiT.

Emergency requests must include Executive approval and be approved by the Security Office prior to implementation. 

Incident Management*MassIT Service Management Office has standard processes to manage incidents, requests and changes.

Outages or urgent issues should be reported by phone to receive the quickest response 1-866-888-2808.










Firewall logsA detailed view of firewall activity for 30 days on a rotating basis. Logs will maintain timestamps.N/A

*Incidents, requests, or changes that are outside the scope of the defined service description or normal service hours will be direct charged to the customer. 


3. Service Reporting

Currently, there are no reports available for this service.


4. Service Requests

COMiT Service Requests* DescriptionLead Time-Business Days
Request to Open or Close Firewall PortThis request is to open a new port or deactivate an existing firewall.
10 Days
Request Read-Only Firewall Permissions            This request is to allow limited 'read-only' access to a firewall.10 Days
Activate or Deactivate an Agency FirewallThis request is to activate or deactivate a firewall located at an agency site.10 Days
Request to Verify Firewall Access                      This request is to verify current firewall access.10 Days
Submit an Issue with Current Firewall Service     This request is for assistance with a firewall issue.10 Days
Add or Remove DNS Entry                               This request is to add or delete a DNS entry.10 Days
Change DNS Entry                                            This request is to change a DNS entry.10 Days
Submit and Issue with Current DNS Service       This request is for assistance with a DNS issue.10 Days
Add or Return a Range of IP Addresses   This request is to add new or return existing Commonwealth TCP/IP address space.10 Days
Submit an Issue with Current IP Addressing ServiceThis is a request for assistance with an IP address issue.10 Days

*For new service requests only.  To manage existing requests, please log into COMiT.

Request fulfillment happens as part of a process with change control.  If an emergency change is needed then an emergency change control ticket is opened and the CAB is convened.  Non-emergency tickets are brought before the CAB every Thursday and depending on the ticket, are acted upon during the next window.


5. Customer Responsibilities

The customer is responsible for opening change orders to initiate the changes needed to be made.  The MassIT Security Office will then open change control tickets, examine the request for policy violations, and then plan and schedule the change needed.

For your convenience, you may also view a detailed list of customer responsibilities docx format of firewall_services_definition.doc


6. Chargeback Rate Information

For more information on Chargeback, including an overview of the program as well as current and previous fiscal year rates, please visit our Chargeback Services webpage.

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