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1. Description of Service

MassIT provides access to enterprise applications including Commonwealth's Information Warehouse (CIW), DocDirect, HRCMS, MassIT's Mainframe, and VPN by issuing a Universal Access ID (UAID).  Access to these systems is granted when an Agency's Department Security Officer completes a request using In-Tempo, MassIT's secure electronic form.  Departmental Security Officers requiring access to InTempo must submit an COMiT request using the InTempo intention.


This service includes:

Process InTempo request (submitted by Departmental Security Officer) to:

  • Add a UAID and grant access to an enterprise application(s).
  • Change a UAID and its access to an enterprise application(s).
  • Delete a UAID and its access to an enterprise application(s).


Provide HelpDesk Support (CommonHelp):

Authorized agency personnel will have the ability to contact CommonHelp to:

  • Request UAID password reset.
  • Request assistance with application(s).


Support services include:



2. Service Targets and Metrics 


Service Requirement


Incident Management*MassIT Service Management Office has standard processes to manage incidents, requests, or changes.

Outages or urgent issues should be reported by phone to receive the quickest response 1-866-888-2808.
Service AvailabilityService availability hours are 24X7.
Request FulfillmentStaff will respond to service requests from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.






Not available at this time






Not available at this time





3. Service Reporting

The following reporting information is provided to customers as part of this service:



Reporting Interval

UAID Roster

Each agency has access to a detailed report of:

  • UAIDs and their applications
  • Detailed rolls for MMARS, Warehouse and HRCMS
Monthly reports posted to DocDirect*

*To gain access to DocDirect reports, the agency security officer submits an InTempo DocDirect request listing the "UAID Roster Report" as the desired report.




4. Service Requests

COMiT Service Requests *DescriptionLead Time-Business Days
Request System AccessThis is to request access to Enterprise applications including Mainframe, View Direct, MAGIC, HRCMS, Warehouse, VPN, MMARS, etc. Department Security Officers must submit their requests to MassIT Security Administration through In-Tempo. The process supports adding, reactivating, changing and deleting user access.1-2 Days
Requests MITC Card AccessThis is to request for an MITC access card.1-2 Days
Request RSA SecurID TokenRSA SecurID tokens are used to provide a second level of authentication. MassIT will work with you to determine if SecurID will be required to authenticate to a service or application, and will issue tokens to users needing access to these resources. These requests will be directed to In-Tempo. Only Security Administrators can submit these requests.1-2 Days
Register My Security AdministratorThis request is to register an agency security administrator and must be first approved by the agency head.1-2 Days
Request to Reset Intempo PasswordThis request is to reset a password for Intempo.1-2 Days
Request Dataset AccessThis request is for access to a specific dataset on the Mainframe. Only dataset owners can submit this request.1-2 Days
Generic System Security Administration RequestAny basic request related to security.1-2 Days
Submit an issue with current UAID serviceThis request is for assistance with UAID service issues.1-2 Days
Request Wireless Access for a Mobile DeviceThis is to request wireless access for a mobile device. Customers must complete and submit the wireless mobile user agreement to MassIT in order for this request to be fulfilled.1 Day


*For new service requests only. To manage existing requests, please log into COMiT.



5. Customer Responsibilities

When requesting a UAID, the customer should request only the level of access required to perform his/her job. The customer signs an Acceptable Use Agreement when issued a UAID and is responsible for notifying MassIT immediately upon a change in a user's employment status.

For your convenience, you may also view a detailed list of customer responsibilities docx format of uaid_services_definition.doc




6. Chargeback Rate Information

For more information on Chargeback, including an overview of the program as well as current and previous fiscal year rates, please visit our Chargeback Services webpage.

The costs pertaining to this service offering are currently funded out of Overhead. No additional detail is available for review.



Reviewed/Updated June 11, 2015
Published August 14, 2009
Created April 16, 2009: Information provided by the Security Office