The services offered by the Middleware Team conform closely to the definition of roles outlined by the industry standard J2EE specification, but is not limited to supporting only these components. In addition to supporting J2EE platforms, Middleware support server side tiers such as Web Servers (Apache, etc.), Messaging software infrastructure and the overall connector architecture between server-side tiers.

Middleware provides the following services in order to support enterprise applications within the Commonwealth:


Product Support

  • Design, install, configure and maintain J2EE platforms.
  • Protect installed media.
  • Adhere to vendor instructions for installations.
  • Provide application hosting configuration best suited for the target application and application requirements.
  • Implement clustered solutions, maintain platform versioning, and ensure patch-level maintenance.


Application Review

  • Review application implementations for compliance, identify exceptions and recommend corrective steps.


Application Deployment

  • Deploy applications on the supported platforms, and adhere to Change Control policies and procedures for new deployments and application software updates


Platform Administration

  • Implement various monitoring tools such as HP OpenView and Nastel in order to gain insight to overall application and platform performance.
  • Provide scripting solutions to plug into such monitoring facilities. 
  • Tune and configure the tiers within an application realm for optimal performance and application availability.
  • Compile a configuration diagram for the environment as it pertains to Middleware components.
  • Maintain SSL certificates and deploy certificates preventing interruption of service.


Component Administration

  • Support the connector architecture on the platform/product side for any external component included in the Application.


COMiT Service Requests

The following table lists the COMiT Service Requests used to initiate a service related to Middleware.

COMiT Service Requests


Lead Time-Business Days

Component Installation/Configuration/Upgrades and Application Code DropsThis is a request to support and maintain an ITD hosted middleware component for an MassIT supported system. This request could be for any one of the following: Component Installation, Configuration Changes, Upgrades or Application Code Drops.
Lead time depends on specific request
Component Stop & StartThis is a request to stop and/or start one or more middleware components for these systems. It will typically be used to request a bounce of the environment either in case of a problem or in case of a change to the environment that requires an application restart.
Lead time depends on specific request

Updated September 16, 2014
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Published August 14, 2009
Created 5/12/09: Information provided by the Middleware Team