The General Counsel's Office provides technology law services to ITD and, upon request, to other Executive Department agencies and parts of state government, as well as to counsel ITD in general legal matters. ITD's Legal Counsel offers the following services for ITD projects:
  • Review solicitations: ITD Legal reviews RFRs and Requests for Quotes (RFQs) and works with ITD staff to ensure that procurement laws are followed.
  • Contract review, negation and drafting: All contracts under $25,000 are presented to ITD Legal but withdrawn by ITD's Finance Office within 48 business hours if ITD Legal does not act on them. All contracts over $25,000 are reviewed, and sometimes drafted and negotiated, by ITD Legal. The amount of time involved in this work is proportionate to the amount and complexity of the project.
  • Related legal Counsel: ITD Legal answers questions about procurement law and other legal issues that arise in connection with operational projects.


Reviewed September 16, 2013
Published August 14, 2009
Created 5/12/09: Information provided by the Office of the General Counsel