The mission of Enterprise Operations is to provide IT operational support for all of MassIT's customers.  In order to accomplish this, the Enterprise Operations Team provides: 

CommonHelp Service Desk

MassIT is staffed to answer the CommonHelp Service Desk phone 7x24x365 at 866-888-2808.

The CommonHelp Service Desk is staffed 5 days a week from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm excluding holidays.

The Operations Group answers the CommonHelp phone during all other times.

All system outage or degradation issues should be reported via phone to receive the quickest response.  Please call the CommonHelp Service Desk 1-866-888-2808

CommonHelp Service Desk Support Profile:

  • Acts as single point of contact for more than 150 state entities.
  • Responds to an average of 1,200 calls per month.
  • Processes an average of 2,000 tickets per month.


1. Provides level 1 Support for:

CIW (Commonwealth Information Warehouse)

HRCMS (Human Resources Compensation Management System)

Network troubleshooting


  • Basic Moves, Adds and Changes
  • Provisioning and De-provisioning


  • Account provision and de-provision
  • Basic troubleshooting and customer assistance

Password reset functionality for:

  • Clarity
  • Doc Direct
  • iCAN
  • InTempo
  • SFED (Secure File and Email Delivery)
  • Mainframe
  • PayInfo

MassVault Email Support via EMC

  • Swivel seat ticketing to EMC

2. Facilitates Major Incident Process

  • Initiates conference calls
  • Creates the major incident report
  • Tracks the completion of reports and provides a monthly summary report to MassIT Managers
  • Works to uncover and address root cause through Problem Management Process.

3. Creates communications related to:

  • Process Performance Reporting
  • Change Management
  • Major Incidents

Technical Support

CommonHelp provides Tier 1 technical support for all services provided by MassIT.  Network/LAN administrators from all other agencies may call CommonHelp for assistance with agency wide or user specific issues.  CommonHelp will also assist security administrators from any agency in completing password reset requests.


Users from any agency supported by the ANF Helpdesk Team may call the ANF Helpdesk at 617-887-5911 directly for any technical questions or problems.

Incident Management

Hours of Operation

CommonHelp Service Desk is staffed 5 days a week Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.  All other coverage (including weekends and holidays) is handled by the Operations Group 24x7x365.

Service goals

PriorityPriority DescriptionTarget Resolution Time*



This loss of technology impacts multiple products or services, thereby compromising service delivery.
1 Hour (based on a 24x7 schedule)



This incident impacts a single product or service which is affecting or compromising service delivery.
8 Hours (based on a 24x7 schedule)
This incident impacts some users (NOT ALL) within an agency, building location, or floor.
24 Hours (these are business hours)
Small user community or Single user affected.
Non-mission critical application.
48 Hours (these are business hours)

*Target Resolution times for Priority 1’s and 2’s are based on around-the-clock 24 hour coverage. 
**Resolution times for Priority 3 and 4’s are based on a 5 days a week and a 7:00 am to 6:00 pm work day.

This process ensures that any and all production-equivalent infrastructure changes are evaluated and approved before implementation.  MassIT's Change Advisory Board (CAB), as authorized by the CIO, includes participants from Operations, CommonHelp, Support Services, Hosting Services, Infrastructure Planning, Account Management, and Security.  The CAB has a standing meeting every Tuesday at 9:00 am and Thursday at 10:30 am and also meets on an ad hoc basis to evaluate emergency changes.

The Change Management process ensures that:

  • COMiT requests are received, assigned and tracked for customer reported issues; and
  • COMiT Service Desk system sends the customer an e-mail when:
  1. A service request is opened.
  2. Anytime the service request "status" changes.
  3. Anytime a comment is entered into the service request "log".
  4. The service request is resolved.

The Change Management function is supported from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. Change Management can be contacted via telephone, e-mail and the COMiT system.

After 3:00 pm and up to 7:00 am, the MassIT Duty Managers support Change Management.  The Operations Team contacts the Duty Manager who facilitates and approves the emergency change to production systems.  Emergency changes are work not related to an open incident but needs to be implemented in order to avoid or minimize a service interruption.

Emergency Change is an urgent change that requires approval outside of the standing CAB meetings.  These changes are work that need to be approved (not related to an open incident) that needs to be implemented in order to avoid or minimize a service disruption.  

24X7 Operational Support Services

MassIT provides 24x7 operational support services to meet customer online application system availability requirements and batch application processing schedules. This includes customer application systems on all supported platforms for the following tasks:

  • Run and monitor batch processing.
  • Monitor the entire supported infrastructure. 
  • Escalate and execution of the Off hours Incident Management process.
  • Move tapes offsite.

Duty Manager

  • Escalates customer issues in off-hours.
  • Approves Change Control in off- hours.
  • Handles Major Incident Process in off-hours including managing all communication, escalation procedures and producing a Major Incident Report.

IT Performance Reporting

This involves generating and providing a variety of report services and also supports the "on-call" database for MassIT and Customer staff supporting Enterprise Critical Applications.  All reports are also available online through MassIT's internal website:

Real-time Reporting

  • Open Incident Report by MassIT Operational Group.
  • Open Problem Report by MassIT Operational Group.
  • Open Service Request Report by MassIT Operational Group.
  • Open Change Management by Assignee.
  • ITIL reports; Incident, Service Request, and Change Management performance reports.
  • Change Management Dashboard.
  • Line of Business Reporting - Service Restoration, Service Request and Change Management SLO Performance by Line of Business(LOB).

Weekly and monthly (static) reporting:

  • Monthly Executive Dashboard Report includes: 
    Enterprise Infrastructure, Enterprise Applications, Hosted Applications, Customer Service Incidents, Change Management requests, and Service Request information.

Ad hoc

  • Create a report on demand.


Production Scheduling

Automated Production Scheduling support services including:

  • Convert and maintain automated batch cycles using Workload Manager.
  • 24X7 On-call support.
  • Monitor all initiated batch jobs.
  • Manage production batch job documentation.
  • Problem follow-up, problem ticket generation and problem determination for all defined objects.


Service Targets

The following are service targets for CommonHelp and Operations.

Service Requirement


Outage ResponseA Service Outage begins when MassIT is notified or becomes aware of the failure, whichever occurs first.  A Service Outage ends when the affected network or facility service is again operational.  MassIT may undertake Critical Maintenance at any time deemed necessary and shall provide notice of Outage to Customer under practical circumstances.  An Outage Response is defined as an MassIT COMiT request opened to address the issue.  The CommonHelp Service Desk phone greeting states the latest outage information.  The Service Desk sends out an e-mail once service is restored.
Outage Reporting ProcessCustomer telephones the MassIT Helpdesk at 866-888-2808 and opens ticket with the COMiT system.  Customer is solely responsible for providing MassIT accurate and current contact information for Customer's designated points of contact.  MassIT will be relieved of its obligations under this Outage Reporting Process if MassIT's contact information for Customer is out of date or inaccurate due to Customer's action or omission.  Customer will be responsible for providing detailed and accurate, application, service, and/or network information.
MassIT Escalation ListThe CommonHelp Service Desk facilitates the Major Incident Process (Enterprise Critical Application).  All Enterprise Critical Applications require an IT Services SLO to be completed.  This document lists technical and business contacts in the event of an outage.
Critical MaintenanceCritical maintenance may be performed at any time to correct network conditions that require immediate attention.  Critical maintenance is performed at the discretion of MassIT TAC and may degrade or disrupt service.  All reasonable business efforts will be attempted to notify the Customer's designated point of contact as is reasonably practicable under the circumstance.
Change ManagementNotification for planned changes to service or outages should be communicated with at least 2-weeks notice.

COMiT Service Requests

The following table lists the COMiT Service Requests used to initiate a service within the Operations Unit.

COMiT Service Requests*


Lead Time-Business Days
Automate a Job or Process on the MainframeThis is a request to convert a manual process into an automated process.  An example would be initiating a job when Operations receives a file through CommBridge.

5 Days

Request an Ad-Hoc Batch Job ChangeThis request is to modify the automated job schedule for both Midrange and Mainframe platforms.

1 Day

Update Job SchedulesThis is to request a new, modify an existing, or delete a job schedule.

1 Day

*For new tickets only. To manage existing tickets, please log into COMIT.

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