MassIT provides project management services for MassIT hosted systems.  The goal of the project manager is to deliver projects that meet customer requirements according to timelines, budgets, and quality standards.  In FY16 the MassIT PMO will continue to use the traditional SDLC known as SDIP, the Service Delivery Improvement Process, and adopt Agile/Scrum where feasible. 

The SDIP Project Management Services include the following:

Scope Management

  • Identify project sponsor(s) and stakeholders.
  • Validate customer business requirements.
  • Create and publish initial Project scope document.
  • Ensure the application is in compliance with MassIT policies and standards.


Cost Management

  • Monitor the project cost breakdown to be completed by an Infrastructure Planning Group (IPG) designer.
  • Develop contingency and overtime budgets and ensure they become part of the project BAR/Budget/Costs.
  • Complete supply requests in accordance with the Bill of Materials created by IPG designer.
  • Develop Procurement documents as required (Request for Referrals-RFR, Request for Information-RFI, Request for Proposals-RFP) in accordance with the Operational Services Division (OSD).
  • Ensure costs align with customer budget, and promote alternative options as required.


Time Management

  • Conduct work breakdown structure meetings.
  • Develop a work breakdown structure of tasks and deliverables.
  • Develop and maintain a project schedule to be published to stakeholders.
  • Manage resources within organizational guidelines.


Resource Management

  • Identify resource requirements.
  • Develop the project team.
  • Conduct regular team meetings to discuss status and review deliverables.
  • Manage resources to the project plan and schedule.


Risk Management

  • Develop a risk management plan or use Risk Control in Clarity.
  • Identify and publish qualified and quantified risks upon assessment.
  • Develop and document mitigation strategies.


Project Management and Coordination

  • Follows the Service Delivery Improvement Process (SDIP).
  • Develop and manage a communication plan.
  • Manage and track issues to closure.
  • Manage change management.
  • Manage production turnover planning.
  • Manage and coordinate customer approval.


Quality Management

  • Confirm work is done to requirements.
  • Gain formal acceptance of the product.
  • Document lessons learned.
  • Officially turn project over to Operations as a production ready system.

COMiT Service Requests

The following table lists the COMiT service requests used to initiate project services.

COMiT Service Request

DescriptionLead Time-Business Days
Request Project

This is a request to initiate a new project within MassIT and is a service coordinated through your Service Account Manager

Lead time depends on specific request


Chargeback Rate Information

Customers are charged for PMO project management services on an hourly bases. The hourly rate for this service is $86 per hour, rate code SQ080. For more information on Chargeback, including an overview of the program as well as current and previous fiscal year rates, please visit our Chargeback Services webpage.



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