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1. Description of Product Offering

The Massachusetts Office of Information Technology (MassIT) provides reliable Network Services and support to all Commonwealth of Massachusetts customers, which includes design, implementation, installation and network management.  We provide 24x7managed products to over 400 Wide Area Network (WAN) locations within MAGNet (Massachusetts Access to Government Networks) infrastructure that is owned and maintained by MassIT and provides access to our customers to services hosted by MassIT.  With these managed products, MassIT provides end-to-end fault resolution, network and application performance analysis and vendor management for all WAN and core backbone infrastructure and equipment.  Customers may request high availability as well as server load balancing for mission critical data center applications.

Connectivity Options include:

  • MPLS
  • Campus Backbone
  • Data Center
  • Internet


In FY15 MassIT will be offering WAN services in western Massachusetts through an MBI Network and will include Broadband, and Ethernet services. 

The Network Technical Assistance Center (TAC) provides a complete set of enterprise network management services and utilizes enterprise network management tools to monitor, maintain and manage the network and network devices.  The TAC organization provides Tier II technical assistance to customers for network problems and manages all aspects of the resolution including initial triage of the problem, root cause determination, resolution co-ordination with customers, and management of engineering/vendor resources, when required.  The TAC proactively addresses problem prevention through deployment of enterprise monitoring tools, capacity analysis, and preventive maintenance services for all of the network devices.


This Product Offering includes:


  • Configure and install WAN routers connecting to circuit and customer LAN.
  • Configure and install LAN routed switches connecting to circuit and customer LAN.
  • Configure customer access lists on WAN/LAN and Core routers/switches.
  • Make changes for provider circuits and LAN/WAN hardware.
  • Configure and install Core/Edge switches in the Data Centers for customer applications.
  • Configure Core/Edge switch ports in the Data Centers in support of existing and new applications.
  • Configure and install campus backbone agency connections.
  • Perform software upgrades on MassIT managed Cisco Systems hardware.
  • Provide high availability based on customer requirements.
  • Provide redundant hardware, circuits and switch ports
  • Evaluate and/or recommend hardware.

Administration and Maintenance

  • Administer and maintain all routers and switches for all wide area network (WAN) sites and data centers.
  • Internet management of ISP provided circuits.
  • Coordinate the installation of Internet Service Provider circuits and IP route load balancing.
  • Create and maintain network designs.
  • Maintain latest software version for all routers and switches.
  • Premium support contract with Cisco TAC for access to Tier I-III engineering staff.
  • Research and test new technologies.
  • Implement change control procedures.

Monitoring - Proactive monitoring of all network devices for the following:

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Utilization
  • Telnet/SSH
  • Connectivity
  • Network diagnostics

Cabling Services at MITC, SDC and Campus Backbone

  • Develop cabling designs.
  • Make recommendations on layouts.
  • Implement copper and fiber installations.
  • Tie, wrap and label all cabling.
  • Dress all fiber and copper per MassIT Network Engineering Standard Operating Procedures.

This Product Offering does not include coverage for Disaster Recovery.

MassIT Asset and Equipment Policy
When a customer requests fully managed services at MassIT, a BAR (Business Application Request) listing all one-time equipment and ongoing chargeback support costs must be approved and processed. Equipment to support a customer's request is then procured as an MassIT owned and managed asset.

When a customer no longer requires MassIT's services, MassIT decommissions the equipment and chargeback costs are discontinued.  If a customer wants to reuse the equipment for a different MassIT supported solution, the equipment remains active and chargeback costs continue.  MassIT determines the future use of all decommissioned equipment.


Support services include:

2. Service Targets and Metrics


Service RequirementDescription
Infrastructure Component AvailabilityIndividual routers, switches, circuits and ports are available 24x7 excluding planned maintenance and unplanned outages.  Overall availability for customer solutions is dependent on the level of redundancy designed into the solution architecture.
Network LatencyThe MassIT IP backbone network will have an average round trip packet transit time within the MassIT IP backbone network over a calendar month of 20 ms or less.  The average latency is measured as the average of 15-minute samples across the MassIT IP backbone network taken throughout the month.  The MassIT Latency objective does not include local loop, Customer Premise Equipment, Customer's Local Area Network (LAN), scheduled maintenance events, customer caused outages/disruptions or interconnection connectivity within other Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks.
Planned MaintenanceThis requires a monthly four hour window between 7:00 am- 5:00 pm Monday- Friday excluding holidays.  Ad-hoc maintenance is scheduled through change control and customers are notified as part of the change control process.
Request Fulfillment*

Staff will respond to service requests 7:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday excluding holidays.  Customers can make requests through COMiT.

Emergency requests are approved by authorized customer contacts and must be opened as incidents to ensure they are acted on immediately out of normal business hours.

Incident Management *MassIT Service Management Office has standard processes to manage incident requests and changes.

Outages or urgent issues should be reported by phone to receive the quickest response 1-866-888-2808.
Replacement of Failed Components
MassIT contracts with hardware vendors to provide on-site "best effort" four hour response.






CPU UsageRouter and Switch CPU usage 999.99
Latency-End to End Network Latency in the Data Centers< 5MS Average
Fault Detection-Network Node fault detection, isolation and remediation24x7x365
Capacity Planning-Network usage, node CPU, capacity planning for MassIT Data Centers24x7x365
Configuration  Management-Track any all configuration changes to routers and switches, Keep copies of most up to date configuration files for all nodes 24x7x365
Network Monitoring-Monitor and alert on critical key performance indicators 24x7x365




Data Center Node AvailabilityThe measuring of Network Availability to all routers and switches in the Data Center999.99

*Incidents, requests, or changes that are outside the scope of the defined service description or normal service hours will be direct charged to the customer.



3. Service Reporting

The following reporting information is provided to customers as part of this service:

ReportDescriptionReporting Interval
System Resource Utilization

By server, the report details:

  • CPU utilization
  • Memory utilization
  • Circuit or port utilization

Submit a request through COMiT

Net flow
A report based on the following information:
  • "who" the end system causing the traffic
  • "what" the application or protocol that is being used
  • "when" detailed timeframe

Submit a request through COMiT

4. Service Requests

COMiT Service Requests *Description

Lead Time-Business Days

Activate Network Data JackRequest to provide network access by connecting the requested data jack to an existing edge switch. This request is for activations in the McCormack Bldg., 21st floor as well as MassIT workstations and also at SDC.1 Day
Deactivate Network Data JackRequest to discontinue network access of the data jack.
1 Day
Request Circuit New/Add/DisconnectRequest to connect a MAGNet circuit to the Commonwealth’s Wide Area Network (WAN) or upgrade an existing circuit.  Also utilize this request to disconnect an existing circuit.   90 – 120 Days*
Network ServicesRequest to have a Vlan configured, cabling of a server, cabling of a SAN connection, installation of a switch, or configure a Server Load Balancing Farm.10 Days
Request New Campus Backbone Connection Request for customers within the Campus Backbone (State House, McCormack, Hurley, Saltonstall and 10 Park Plaza Buildings) to connect to MAGNet.   30 Days
**Request Disconnect Campus Backbone ConnectionRequest to disconnect customers within the Campus Backbone (State House, McCormack, Hurley, Saltonstall and 10 Park Plaza Buildings) from MAGNet.   10 Days
Request New PortsRequest to activate a port in MassIT’s Boston or MITC switch.  30 Days
**Request Port DisconnectRequest to deactivate a port from MassIT’s Boston, MITC, or SDC switch.  10 Days
Request Bandwidth Utilization ReportThis request is to analyze and report on network elements performance for a time period specified by a customer using recent customer experiences as guidelines.1 Day
Request Use of LoadRunner ToolRequest to schedule Load Runner, an automated performance and load testing tool that analyzes system behavior and performance.   MassIT requires that customers requesting Load Runner have prior experience using this tool, as MassIT does not provide user support.1 Day
Request Netflow ReportRequest to analyze and report on a customer’s router or switch using Netflow.   Netflow is a protocol developed for collecting IP traffic information and examples of network flows include source, destination IP protocol and IP port information.1 Day


*For new service requests only. To manage existing requests, please log into COMiT.
* Ethernet circuits may take the full 120 days due to installation requirements impacting the infrastructure.

**Customers are reminded that MassIT's policy requires customers to complete a disconnect change order in COMiT any time a circuit has to be disconnected.  This process ensures that the circuit is disconnected based on customer requirements and safeguards against network disruption and additional chargeback costs.


When a customer requests fully managed network services at MassIT, dedicated network equipment may be required to support the requested network service.  During the design process, customers are informed of all equipment needed and a BAR (Business Application Request) listing equipment and costs must be approved and processed.  Equipment to support the requested network services is then procured as an MassIT owned and managed asset (see MassIT Asset Policy above).

5. Customer Responsibilities

The customer must have a protected conduit installed for Ethernet circuits from the Telco demark to the customer's LAN room.  It is also the customer's responsibility to supply the cable and cable ties for the installation.

For your convenience, you may view a detailed list of customer responsibilities. doc format of uc_network_services_definition.doc


6. Chargeback Rate Information

For more information on Chargeback, including an overview of the program as well as current and previous fiscal year rates, please visit our Chargeback Services webpage .

Cost framework: Network

1.Direct Charges to Customers

1A. Customer Specific - Costs Directly Charged to Customers
Customer Specific - Costs Directly Charged to Customers$5,495,284
Total 1A. Customer Specific - Costs Directly Charged to Customers$5,495,284
Total 1. Direct Charges to Customers$5,495,284

2. Direct Dedicated Resources

2A. Direct Costs - Salaries (AA) and Fringe (DD), Contract (U05, HH)
Direct Costs - Salaries (AA) and Fringe (DD), Contract (U05, HH)16.00$1,297,296
Total 2A. Direct Costs - Salaries (AA) and Fringe (DD), Contract (U05, HH)16.00$1,297,296
2B. Hardware / Software / Contracts (UU, LL , etc)
- ePlus -CISCO Smartnet for non-HHS #3204488, #3204490, #3204491-Cancelled in FY10, #3204492, #3204493, #3223321 (In FY11, Q4, added Contract #91227149) (In FY13, includes BI0006$633,798
- ePlus -Cisco Switches for EOL Equipment-$22,659
- Presidio Networked Solutions-ACE 4700 Appliance & 4 Catalyst 3560 for Enterprise Virtualization Project #3068 (RFQ 11-28)-$2,082
- Presidio Networked Solutions-Cisco Equipment for Data Center Consolidation Project EHS Pilot-$11,725
- Presidio Networked Solutions-Cisco Equipment for Grants Management-$1,088
- Presidio Networked Solutions-Cisco Equipment for Shared Switch DR-$1,040
- ePlus -Cisco Network Equipment for the IB155 48 hr. recovery project-$9,916
- Presidio Networked Solutions-Cisco Hardware for Telecom DR/BC Site-$2,201
- Dell Software-MasterCare #1079643 (SJ16E0011 and SJ16EL) - Bundled Network Software- includes AI (formerly Appera), and 2-Port WAN Infinistream (Ethernet) Probe, Portable Analy$6,532
- Rental Concepts-Repairs and Maintenance for Astro Van-$2,000
- Presidio Networked Solutions-Cisco Hardware for 1-Gig build-out Project per MassIT RFQ 12-15-$15,961
- ePlus -Cisco Hardware for HHS HIE Project-$215,000
- ePlus -Cisco Equipment for LAN Refresh Project (RFQ 11-29)-$1,574
- Dell Software-Secure CRT Licenses (25) for 3 years Starting FY12 annual -$438
- Dell Software-OPNET ACE license -$15,699
- Dell Software-Concord Health (formerly Netivity) Includes 400-ss-nhtypaexp 1-ss-nhconsole 1-ss-nhfrl$20,185
- City of Boston-Rental charge to run fiber optic cables through conduit (Eff. FY12, moved from Unit 2655)-$2,200
- Avaya Inc.-PBX Switch Boston / Chelsea Maintenance and 50 voice terminals billed at 5.21 per month-$110,025
- Avaya Inc.-CTF Avaya Phone Equipment and EEC Avaya Phone Equipment-$13,664
-Other costs, Reclassifications, Adjustments, Network Lines-$5,116,168
- Dell Software-PLIXER Scrutinizer 5.5 and Denika V.7 (Beginning FY10, moved from Unit 2223)-$4,242
-Other Costs, Reclassifications, Adjustments--$5,495,284
Total 2B. Hardware / Software / Contracts (UU, LL , etc)$1,633,372
Total 2. Direct Dedicated Resources$2,930,668

3. Indirect Costs

3A. Allocated Shared Resources
Total 3A. Allocated Shared Resources$0
Total 3. Indirect Costs$0

4. Indirect Costs

4A. Shared MassIT Data Center Services
  $ $0
Total 4A. Shared MassIT Data Center Services   $0
Total 4. Indirect Costs$0

5. Allocated Costs

5A. Allocated Costs Not Specific to Service
Allocated Costs Not Specific to Service$2,440,988
Total 5A. Allocated Costs Not Specific to Service$2,440,988
Total 5. Allocated Costs$2,440,988

6. Management Adjustments

6A. Management Adjustments
Management Adjustments-$1,500,000
Total 6A. Management Adjustments-$1,500,000
Total 6. Management Adjustments-$1,500,000

Grand Total: Unified Communications Products and Services - Network


7. Rates Pertaining to this Service

7A. Rates Pertaining to this Service
UNIFIED_COMMUNICATIONS - 50Mbps Ethernet-Port - MonthSJ5D0$414724$99,526
UNIFIED_COMMUNICATIONS - 10 Mbps Campus Routed/Switched-Port - MonthSJ1G0$528168$88,669
UNIFIED_COMMUNICATIONS - 100 Mbps Campus Routed/Switched-$-SJ1H0$1244276$343,365
UNIFIED_COMMUNICATIONS - 1000 Mpbs Campus Routed/Switched-MinuteSJ1R0$1885180$339,293
UNIFIED_COMMUNICATIONS - Data Center Network Connecton Port Charge-Port - MonthSJ1S0$3778316$3,135,071
UNIFIED_COMMUNICATIONS - 30Mbps Ethernet-Port - MonthSJ5B0$377060$226,196
UNIFIED_COMMUNICATIONS - 200Mbps Ethernet-$-SJ5E0$956412$114,772
UNIFIED_COMMUNICATIONS - 150Mbps Ethernet-Port - MonthSJ5F0$787924$189,100
UNIFIED_COMMUNICATIONS - 10Mbps Ethernet-Port - MonthSJ5M0$2827276$780,375
UNIFIED_COMMUNICATIONS - 100Mbps Ethernet-Port - MonthSJ5Q0$882772$352,865
UNIFIED_COMMUNICATIONS - 1.544 Mbps (T1) -Port - MonthSJ5U0$9421848$1,741,706
UNIFIED_COMMUNICATIONS - 1.544 Mbps (T1) - Collocated (see Note 2)-Port - MonthSJ5V0$4521260$570,013
UNIFIED_COMMUNICATIONS - 1000Mbps Ethernet-HoursSJ5W0$1885036$678,587
UNIFIED_COMMUNICATIONS - 500Mbps Ethernet-HoursSJ5X0$1420724$340,967
UNIFIED_COMMUNICATIONS - 20Mbps Ethernet-Port - MonthSJ5A0$3393108$366,437
Total 7A. Rates Pertaining to this Service   $9,366,940

*Requests for a new T-1 connection will include an agreement between MassIT and the customer that the new T-1 will remain connected for a minimum of six months.  This will ensure that the set up costs to configure and activate this circuit are recovered through six months of chargeback billing.

**Requests for a new Ethernet connection will include an agreement between MassIT and the customer that the new Ethernet circuit will remain connected for a minimum of 12 months.  This will ensure that the set up costs to configure and activate this circuit are recovered through 12 months of chargeback billing.

Download a complete listing of all chargeback rates

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