• Current Opportunities and Offerings

  • State and Local IT Information Exchange

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    The State and Local IT Information Exchange listserv was created to facilitate communication and problem solving among state agencies and municipalities. Learn more about the listserv.

  • Funding for K-12 Schools

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    The Digital Connections Partnership Schools Grant makes state grant funds available to match local funding for enhancing information technology infrastructure (wiring and Wi-Fi) and increasing broadband access in schools across the Commonwealth.



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    Digital Connections School Partnerships Grant GIS map

    Text version of the Digital Connections School Partnerships Grant GIS map xlsx format of Text version of the Digital Connections School Partners

  • Broadband Connectivity

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    MassIT Connect Services provide broadband for state and local government in central and western Massachusetts. Offerings range from 5 Mbps to 1 Gbps with prices starting at $86/month. Email us for more information.

  • Hosting

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    MassIT is exploring opportunities to make backup and infrastructure as a service offerings available to cities, towns and school districts.

  • Device Purchasing for Schools

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    MassIT is working with technology vendors to provide fixed per student pricing for school-based devices and related professional development. Email us for more information.
  • Data Analysis through Edwin

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    Edwin Analytics integrates longitudinal data from pre-K to post-secondary education for data-driven decision making at student, classroom, school, & district levels.  Learn more about Edwin Analytics.

  • Online Mapping

    Online Mapping

    MuniMapper, a MassGIS tool, provides online access to existing municipal data for cities, towns, and their constituents in a flexible, searchable, and customizable map. Email us for more information.