The mission of the Information Technology Division is to support, enable and transform state government through the strategic use of technology to better serve constituents, businesses, and local government.

The Information Technology Division (ITD) enables agencies to deliver high quality, efficient and effective services to their customers, by providing a range of centralized IT services; overseeing IT policies, standards and architecture; and promoting cross-agency collaboration and adoption of shared services. The Division is part of the Executive Office of Administration and Finance and is headed by Bill Oates, Commonwealth Chief Information Officer. Bill also chairs the ITD Executive Committee that establishes the strategic direction and priorities for the agency.

With the exception of Mass.Gov, ITD does not serve the public directly. While the agencies work directly with their customers, ITD works with the agencies as a service provider to ensure their customers' needs are met. Most services offered by ITD are processed through direct chargeback.

ITD is structured around seven lines of business:

  • Applications
  • Print & Mail
  • Integration
  • Unified Communications
  • Hosting 
  • Data Services
  • Security 

These seven lines of business include several key ITD offices and were defined to enable us to deliver cost effective IT services, strengthen our customer service focus, balance the distribution of responsibilities and to establish clear accountability throughout ITD. This alignment also simplifies our organization and integrates common or related functions to create a more logical business structure.

Updated June 10, 2014: Overall information provided by the Human Resources Office