Our Mission

The Massachusetts Office of Information Technology, known as MassIT, is the state’s lead agency for technology and innovation.  Our mission is to drive the digital business of state government to meet the continually evolving needs of constituents, schools, businesses, and local government. 

Governor Baker has made the Commonwealth’s delivery of online services for constituents and technology services for state government one of the Administration’s top priorities. For MassIT, this includes a constituents first approach that focuses on services, systems, and projects that have the greatest positive impact on the constituents we serve, either directly through our digital efforts or indirectly through support for our fellow state entities.

Our Priorities

MassIT’s priorities are improving and expanding digital services for constituents; enhancing the desktop experience and productivity tools for state employees; continuously strengthening our cyber security posture while enabling appropriate access; enabling faster procurement of technology while opening channels to innovation; and working to ensure the successful delivery and return on investment of technology projects

Our Work

Across MassIT, a range of teams supports our multi-faceted work, including: 

  • Our Mass.gov team runs the state’s top-level website and leads the mass.gov/better initiative – @MassGov
  • Our Office of Municipal and School Technology works with local leaders in communities across the state and collaborates closely with state education colleagues and local school officials – @MassITMunicipal
  • MassData focuses on analytics, interoperability, and open data – @MassData
  • MassGIS manages, maintains, and provides access – via web mapping services and data download – to the state’s geographic information database, along with data development and analysis services – @MassGIS
  • GovNext acts as an innovation center of excellence focused on high-impact, short-term projects – @GovNextMA

In keeping with the historic role of our forerunner agency, the state’s Information Technology Division (ITD), we also serve as the internal IT services provider to fellow state entities; oversee technology policies and standards; and promote cross-agency collaboration and adoption of shared services.  Our internally-focused technology teams include network operations, applications, architecture, engineering, security, voice and data communications, service management, and CommonHelp infrastructure support.

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Updated June 16, 2016