Important information regarding the transition from hard tokens to soft tokens:

  • The vast majority of VPN users will log into the new VPN service via a soft token.  You will be able to choose the way you receive one-time passcodes: via email, phone, or text. 
  • Only a subset of users will require the added security of a hard token with the new service.  Agency Security Officers will coordinate with ITD to ensure that users receive the appropriate level of security.    

Current hard token users, please note:

  • The new VPN platform will not support the RSA SecurID hard tokens currently in use. 
  • If you use your RSA hard token only for VPN access, it will be disabled when the new service goes live. 
  • If you use your RSA hard token to access other applications besides VPN, your Agency Security Officer will inform ITD so that it is not disabled. 

Agency Security Officers, please note:

  • In cases where the RSA hard tokens are used to access other applications, it is imperative that ITD be informed so that those tokens are not disabled as part of our VPN migration. 

Please email the CommonHelp Service Desk with the VPN user id and token serial number for those users.

  • For the subset of users who will require the additional functionality of new hard token for the new VPN service, a Verizon hard token will be provided.

Please be prepared to provide ITD with the quantity you will need. 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we undergo this transition.  More details will be forthcoming; please watch this space for updates.