The Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS) encourages you to use the form below to make a public records request (PRR) of EOTSS' Office. This helps to ensure the most expeditious and accurate response to your request. Otherwise, written requests may be delivered by hand, mail, email or fax (if available). While requests for public records may be made orally in person to an RAO, such requests may not be the subject of an appeal.  Telephone requests may be accepted at the discretion of the RAO.

EOTSS has designated the following employee as the Primary Records Access Officer (RAO) who will assist requesters in fulfilling their requests.

Michelle Burwell, Primary RAO
Business address:  One Ashburton Pl., 8th Floor, Boston, MA 02128
Business telephone number:  617-626-4527
Business email:

Only questions pertaining to the PRR process or a PRR status should be sent to the email account of the Primary RAO. 

General categories of public records in the possession of EOTSS.

For the convenience of requestors, EOTSS has compiled a list of categories of public records currently held by the agency, along with specific examples of each category. This list will may be updated as necessary. Requestors are reminded that some documents included in this list, while in the possession of EOTSS, may still be exempt from disclosure as stated above.

  • Procurement Records

    Documents including:

    • Solicitation and other Contract Documents
    • Written communications with vendors
    • Information Technology procurement policies, standards, and guidelines
    • Agreements between EOTSS and other states, other government entities, other branches of government, or nonprofits.

    Administrative Records

    Documents including:

    • Agency Policies and procedures
    • Speeches, press releases and other public statements by agency officials
    • Disaster plan
    • Committee minutes

    Legal and Regulatory Records

    Documents including:

    • Litigation-related documents 

    Fiscal Records

    Documents Including:

    • Budget documents
    • Fiscal reports
    • Operating Budget
    • Capital Budget

    Facilities Records

    Documents including:

    • Massachusetts Information Technology Center and Springfield Data Center operational documents

    Information Systems Records

    Documents including:

    • System planning documentation
    • System applications development records
    • Systems maintenance, monitoring, and testing documents

    Personnel Records

    Documents including:

    • HR policies and programming records
    • Recruitment and hiring records

    Security Records

    Documents including:

    • System requirements
    • Breach notifications required under MGL ch. 93H


Pursuant to 950 C.M.R. 32.05, EOTSS is posting electronic copies (or links to electronic copies) of certain public records.

  1. EOTSS does not create any final opinions, decisions, orders, or votes from agency proceedings.
  2. EOTSS’ annual reports are available here:
  3. EOTSS does not have regulatory authority and does not promulgate any regulations.
  4. EOTSS does not conduct hearings or issue any notices therefore.
  5. Winning bids for public contracts with EOTSS are all available on the CommBuys system:
  6. EOTSS does participate in two state grant-making programs.  Information about the Community Compact Information Technology Grant Program is available at:  Information about the Digital Connections Partnership Schools Grants is available at:
  7. EOTSS does not conduct any meetings that are subject to the open meeting law.
  8. EOTSS’ operating budget for the 2017 Fiscal Year is available here:   and its capital budget is available here Information about EOTSS spending in prior fiscal years is available on the Massachusetts Open Checkbook website: and the Comptroller’s CThru website:



The Secretary of the Commonwealth has drafted a summary of the updated public records law (effective January 1, 2017) that is available at:

The text of the updated public records law is available at:

The Secretary of the Commonwealth has updated its regulations regarding public records access.  These new regulations are available at:


When requesting public records, please provide a reasonable description of the records sought and a preferred format, if any, for receiving public records that are available in electronic form. Please understand that a request to search employee emails will generally require more time to complete and may require us to charge fees. It is often helpful to specify a time period and particular search terms, so that the search does not yield unmanageable results.

All requests will be processed in accordance with the public records law and regulations at M.G.L. c. 66, § 1 et seq. (as most recently amended by An Act to Improve Public Records, St. 2016, c. 121) and 950 C.M.R. 32.00. The procedure for appealing a public records response to the Supervisor of Public Records is set forth at 950 C.M.R. 32.08, available at

Contacting an Agency

To help avoid delay in responses, please consider whether your public record request would more appropriately be directed to a secretariat or agency.

Each secretariat and agency has a designated RAO who will receive and respond to public records requests. The following are links to A&F agency PRR pages and RAO emails for your review.

A&F Agency (linked to PRR Page)RAO Email
Appellate Tax Board - Public Records RequestsMark.Defrancisco@MassMail.State.MA.US
Bureau of the State House - Public Records
Civil Service Commission - Public Records
Department of Revenue - Public Records - Tax Division - Child Support
Division of Administrative Law Appeals - Public Records
Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance - Public Records
Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS) - Public Records
Group Insurance Commission - Public Records
Health Policy Commission - Public Records
Human Resources Division - Public Records
Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council - Public Records
Massachusetts Office on Disability - Public Records
Operational Services Division - Public Records
State Library - Public Records