The mission of the Security Office html format of security_office.html
, in close collaboration with the Enterprise Security Board, is to ensure the security of the Commonwealth's information technology enabled service delivery systems by constantly assessing and improving upon our cyber education & awareness, vulnerability prevention, and exploit detection & response capabilities. In order to accomplish this, the Security Office:
  • Strengthens the security posture of Commonwealth information technology systems relative to their confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • Controls access to ITD managed enterprise applications (Commonwealth Information WareHouse, DocDirect, HRCMS, and VPN) as well as numerous agency mainframe applications
  • Provides cybersecurity education and awareness for state and local government
  • Implements and supports hardware and software infrastructure necessary to protect the Massachusetts Access to Government Network (MAGNet) community


Enterprise Security Board

The Commonwealth's Enterprise Security Board (ESB) is co-chaired by the Deputy State Auditor and ITD's Chief Security Officer, and consists of Executive, Judicial, Legislative, Constitutional Offices, Authorities, and large city/town voting members. ESB, standing committees include Strategy & Planning, Research, Education & Awareness, Variance, Standards, and Massachusetts Information Sharing & Analysis Center (MA-ISAC); members meet bi-monthly to work on enterprise security policies, standards, and related initiatives.

Updated September 10, 2008: Information provided by the Security Office