In close collaboration with the various state agencies and other ITD units, the Technology Office html format of technology_office_executive.html develops the architecture, standards, policies, governance, best practices and technology road map that support the business priorities of the Commonwealth. Included in the Technology Office are the following offices (please click on a name to view its detailed org chart):

Engineering Services html format of technology_engineering.html

The Office is comprised of the following Groups:

Unified Communications html format of technology-unified-comm

  • Provides Magnet Core and Wide Area Network infrastructure and support
  • Offers network design and implementation services
  • Provides telephony infrastructure and services for Ashburton and Saltonstall facilities
  • Provides wireless device provisioning and technical support


Data Services html format of technology-data-services


Hosting Services html format of technology_hosting_services.html

The Hosting Services Office provides services to state agencies who wish to host their applications services at ITD's data center located at the Massachusetts Information Technology Center (MITC) in Chelsea, MA. Currently, our services are divided among the following Groups; Unix Team html format of technology_hosting_serv1.html , Windows Systems Services html format of technology_hosting_serv2.html , Operating Systems html format of technology_hosting_serv3.html , and Linux Team html format of technology_hosting_serv4.html . These Groups provide the following:

  • Choice of platforms include: IBM Mainframe zOS, Windows, AIX, HPUX, and Linux operating systems
  • Operating system support consisting of system configuration, system monitoring, performance tuning, upgrade, and proactive patching
  • Hardware management including break/fix as well as replacement coordination

Infrastructure Planning html format of technology_infrastructure_planning.html

The Infrastructure Planning Office provides infrastructure planning and architectural design for our new business projects and internal infrastructure initiatives. In order to accomplish this, the Infrastructure Planning Group:

  • Provides infrastructure solution designs for hosting of internal and external ITD customer applications using an OSG developed infrastructure architecture framework to document, review and sign off on proposed technical architectures
  • Provides enterprise capacity planning for hardware and software maintained within the Data center.

Other Technology Offices

The Enterprise Policy and Architecture Group is committed to providing support to customers and colleagues with an unwavering focus on ITD's values, best practices and community outreach and engagement. In order to accomplish this, the Policy and Architecture Group:

  • Establishes the overall vision and strategic implementation of the SOA infrastructure
  • Developes and provides oversight of cohesive Enterprise Policies, both security and non security related
  • Maintains the Enterprise Technical Reference Model and Enterprise Technical Architecture which set the road map for future Enterprise Infrastructure and Operating Environments

Integration Services html format of technology_SOA_development.html 31

The Integration Services Group is chiefly tasked with researching, developing and implementing shared oriented architecture (SOA) and SOA related technologies within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Current services published and supported are:

  • COMiT - Provides the application framework for IT Service Management processes. The mission of COMiT is to improve the customer experience with ITD. COMiT provides a single point of contact for all customer requests that enables ITD to streamline our internal work into repeatable and sustainable processes that contribute to consistent service delivery, supports improved communications between ITD and customers which helps ITD meet customer expectations and enhances self service by providing one place to go to request services and report incidents.
  • CommonWiki
  • Interchange
  • ViewDirect Content Management


The Second Data Center Program is a major investment by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to build a new data center in the Western, MA area. The Second Data Center will:

  • Provide greater continuity and availability of IT services for Commonwealth agencies and our constituents
  • Involve the collaboration of several state agencies spanning several years to design and construct a world class facility for the Commonwealth.


Updated March 28, 2014: Information provided by the Human Resources Office