Help Preserve and Digitize State Library of Massachusetts Resources for Everyone!

Announcing the Friends of the State Library of Massachusetts Adopt-a-Book Preservation and Digitization Program!

And It Doesn’t Even Have to Be a Book!

Your personal sponsorship, or gift in honor of someone else, can help ensure the survival and enjoyment of State Library of Massachusetts’ resources for generations to come. We will put a custom, personalized book plate in each volume or on the item’s container so that users will know whose generosity provided for continuing and future use of the resource. Donors will also be acknowledged (with their permission) on a special webpage set up to thank our generous donors. With the help of sponsors like YOU, the State Library of Massachusetts can fulfill its commitment to the conservation, preservation, and digitization of our vast and unique collections with historical significance to Massachusetts and the world.

Please EMAIL the Friends of the State Library of Massachusetts to ADOPT or for more information or fill out the short form to the right of this page! THANK YOU for your support!


$150—GOLD Donor Level
Treasures of the State Library of Massachusetts

Your donation will defray the cost of conserving rare, fragile, and damaged items in the collection, and digitization if condition allows. Choose your favorite from this selection of items that need your help:











Nouveau théâtre du monde ou nouvel atlas, comprenant les tables et descriptions de toutes les régions de la terre divisé en trois tomes

We have 3 volumes available for adoption of this exquisitely illustrated and rare atlas that was published in 1639.













Halliday's Collection of Photographs of New England Historic Buildings and Colonial and Provincial Houses

20 volumes available for adoption

These volumes contain black and white photographs of New England Buildings (mostly homes) constructed from 1628 to 1700. All the photographs were taken around the year 1902 and for some of these buildings, only the photographs remain as the original structures no longer stand today.














M. Tullii Ciceronis Rhetoricorum secundus tomus: horum catalogum sequenti pagella inuenies--Marcus Tullius Cicero

The State Library received this volume of Cicero’s rhetorical works published in 1551 as a gift from Mary McIlhenny Bradford, the widow of William Bradford descendant Sidney Bradford. Bradford family legend has it that this volume traveled on the Mayflower with William Bradford in 1620.















The Independent Corps of Cadets of Boston, Mass., at Fort Warren, Boston Harbor, in 1862

The story of the First Corps of Cadets, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' and the National Guard's oldest volunteer militia unit during the Civil War when they were called up and stationed at Fort Warren in 1862. This first edition published in 1888 was limited to only 100 copies. This copy is certified as number 95.



$100—SILVER Donor Level
Bird’s Eye View Maps

Your donation will defray the cost of repair, cleaning, and scanning of each map to be added to our DSpace digital repository. Check out the list of cities and towns we have to choose from and pick your favorite!


Check Out a Map of Massachusetts Cities and Towns and Their Locations  Link to the image file.

List of Bird's-Eye Maps Available for Adoption!  pdf format of List of Bird's-Eye Maps Available for Adoption!


$50—BRONZE Donor Level
Town and City Directories

Your donation will defray the cost of digitizing a volume of your favorite city or town’s directory for addition to our DSpace digital repository. NAME YOUR TOWN!: From Provincetown to Boston to Pittsfield and everywhere in between!



Check out the State Library's Inventory of City Directories here:

City Directories and Voting Lists