Public Computer Access

The mission of the State Library is to fulfill the information and knowledge needs of legislators, executive administrative personnel, state employees, scholars and interested citizens. In accordance with this mission the Library offers access to its computer workstations, online services and networked materials.

These resources are made available with the intent that they are used for the purpose of information gathering only. Other uses violate this policy and the Acceptable Use Policy: Administration and Finance Policy for Use of Information Technology Resources, dated June 8, 1998.

The Library reserves the right to monitor what appears on computer screens and the activities carried out on Library computers.

Users shall

  • Use the workstations for informational or educational purposes only;
  • Share these workstations in a manner that respects the rights of others.

Users shall refrain from

  • Acting in a way that prevents others from using the workstations;
  • Illegal activities in violation of state or federal laws or regulations;
  • Engaging in commercial enterprises;
  • Sending threatening or harassing messages;
  • Accessing sexually explicit or obscene materials;
  • Attempting to gain access to any unauthorized computer or network;
  • Activities that disrupt or interfere with other users and resources;
  • Accessing online gambling sites;
  • Tampering with or disabling the timing software;
  • Accessing library computers with another user's library card.

Use of personal peripherals is not permitted without permission from a library staff member.

The Library needs to set time limits for the use of public workstations for two reasons:

(1) The Library must ensure that every patron has equal and equitable access to these resources; and (2) the number of workstations available for public use is limited.

Therefore, a user shall be allotted a maximum time limit of two hours per day. No extra time will be granted. Librarians may also ask users to move from one workstation to another and users must comply.

Violation of the responsibilities and obligations imposed by this policy may result in the loss of privilege of access to these resources.

This information is provided by The State Library of Massachusetts.