The State Library of Massachusetts has a sizable collection of state documents, digital projects, and other historical materials, as well as exhibits in electronic form in the library’s DSpace repository and Flickr site. These include:

Massachusetts Acts and Resolves : Session Laws from 1692 to 2010

State and Municipal Documents: Includes electronic state publications received since 2007, as well a growing number of digitized materials dating back to the 19th century. These highly used materials include:

Digital Projects and other Historical Materials: The library has developed a number of digital projects, which are detailed below. In addition to these, there are historical photographs, maps, postcards and manuscripts in the library’s DSpace Repository and Flickr page. Among these projects and materials are:

Alexander Parris Papers Collection, 1823-1851

Exhibits: Panels from exhibits that have been displayed at the State Library.

This information is provided by The State Library of Massachusetts.