Payment must be received before any service is rendered.

Check or money orders should be made payable to Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Cash and credit cards cannot be accepted. Please send payment to: Special Collections, State Library of Massachusetts, State House Room 341, Boston MA 02133


The State Library can digitally capture most items in its collection. Self-service scanning is not permitted. Scanned images can be up to 600 dpi, in black and white or color, and in the image format of your choice (jpeg, tiff etc). Images will be saved to CD for a cost of $5. Scans cost $25 for each new scan. The cost per file for Special Collections materials that have already been scanned is $15. If the CD is mailed, an additional fee of $3 is charged. Images will not be manipulated or enhanced beyond basic quality control. Please see the Price Schedule for Photocopying and Digital Services pdf format of Reproduction Price Schedule Aug 2010.pdf
for more information.

This information is provided by The State Library of Massachusetts.