From: Jason Snyder, Chief Technology Officer

Date: March 17, 2010

Re: Advisory Memorandum - Update regarding Internet Explorer v. 7.0

The Commonwealth Chief Technology Officer is updating the Advisory Memorandum published March 10, 2010 in response to updated information received by the Technology Office after publishing the referenced advisory.

The original advisory was provided in response to questions raised about version level support for Internet Explorer (IE) in agency desktop configurations. Please be advised that ITD has not, as of yet, performed formal or rigorous testing of IE7 or IE8. However, based on current industry practices, Commonwealth agency feedback, and business owner feedback, it is advised that agencies that use Internet Explorer upgrade to IE7 or higher.
In evaluating which version will best fit your business needs, please take into consideration the following points.

Enterprise Systems:

  • MMARS is supported for IE7 and IE8
    o IE8 will be required with the next release of MMARS
    o Some users have reported some unexpected behavior
  • HRCMS will be supported for IE7 and IE8 when the March 2010 upgrade is completed
  • Mass.Gov is supported for IE7 and IE8
  • Teamsite/CMA supports IE7 but not IE8 as of yet
  • DocDirect/ViewDirect supports IE7 but not IE8 as of yet
  • Clarity/Service Desk (E2E) has conducted successful preliminary tests results with IE7
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA) has no known issues with either IE7 or IE8

Upgrading and maintaining the latest IE security patches or MS recommended mitigations will offer better security as some anti-malware capabilities have been improved in the newer releases. In addition, support for lower versions of IE is being phased out. At this time, it is recommended that agencies upgrade to IE7 or higher, if you have not already done so. Please keep in mind that agency's will also need to test their internal applications in order to select the best version. It is also recommended that agencies begin requiring their applications operate correctly with at least two web browsers (e.g.: IE7 and FireFox3) in an effort to ensure standards-based applications and meet the preferences of employees, partners, and citizens.