From: Jason Snyder, Chief Technology Officer

Date: August 18, 2010

Re: Advisory Memorandum - Enterprise Solution Adoption

The Commonwealth Chief Technology Officer is issuing this Advisory Memorandum regarding Executive Department agency adoption of Enterprise solutions, services and supporting infrastructure components.

Under today's difficult fiscal conditions, it is imperative that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts take full advantage of any opportunity to save money, resources, and time. In response to this concern, the Commonwealth Technology Office has begun the process of articulating the Enterprise Application Portfolio Program. This program will assist the Commonwealth in assessing the diverse landscape of existing applications and make adjustments based on business needs, cross-organizational opportunities for use, and cost optimization.

Therefore, and in support of , your agency's business objectives should be evaluated against available Enterprise and Secretariat solution offerings prior to pursuing the purchase or implementation of a new solution, service or component.

In the event that an agency identifies a business objective that is not currently supported by an existing Enterprise or Secretariat solution, service or infrastructure component, procurement or plans for development of a new solution should take the needs of the Enterprise and Secretariat as a whole into consideration.

Please note that the IT Capital PMO works closely with the Commonwealth Technology Office to identify and support IT Capital projects that align with this principle. Leveraging existing Enterprise and Secretariat solutions is extremely cost effective and any new solution must be developed with an Enterprise perspective to help stretch scarce funds and ensure that the Commonwealth receives best value for its capital investments.

Be sure to coordinate any planned acquisitions for new or enhanced technology solutions through your agency's Secretariat Chief Information Officer (SCIO). Executive Department SCIO's should contact the Commonwealth Chief Technology Officer, Jason Snyder, in the earliest stages of planning to ensure that acquisitions are aligned with the Commonwealth's shared IT Strategic Plan and other technical initiatives.

Your cooperation with this advisory is imperative in order for the Commonwealth to take the greatest advantage possible of economies of scale, existing knowledge bases, standardized deployment and implementation patterns, and commonly used solutions, services and infrastructure components.

Your feedback and participation is critical in allowing the Enterprise Technology Office to meet your expectations and address your concerns. Therefore, please direct all feedback to Specific concerns will be escalated to the Technology Governance Board.