• Introduction (ETRM v.5.1)

    The Introduction describes the hierarchy of Domains, Disciplines and Technology Areas used in the ETRM. It also provides an overview of Technology Specifications and the decision process for Enterprise Standards.
  • Access Domain (ETRM v.5.1)

    The Access Domain addresses how information, transactions and services are delivered to and accessed by the Commonwealth's constituents and business partners.
  • Information Domain (ETRM v.5.1)

    The Information Domain addresses standards and guidelines for Data Interoperability, Data Management, Data Formats and Records Management (TBD).
  • Application Domain (ETRM v.5.1)

    The Application Domain defines how service oriented applications are designed and developed and identifies open standards to facilitate rapid service oriented development, integration and implementation of new applications and business processes.
  • Integration Domain (ETRM v.5.1)

    The Integration Domain addresses how information, transactions, security, systems management and Business Services are integrated across intra-enterprise entities, e.g. agencies, as well as extra-enterprise entities, e.g. business partners.
  • Management Domain (ETRM v.5.1)

    The Management Domain introduces service management concepts using SOA, from the management of traditional IT infrastructures to the management of SOA services.
  • Security Domain (ETRM v.5.1)

    The Security Domain addresses the approach, methodology and technology components necessary to provide the appropriate level of protection for the information assets of the Commonwealth, its constituents and business partners.