• Executive department websites must use the Mass.Gov portal

    June 18, 2010: In November 2007, ANF issued a directive prohibiting development of new Executive Department websites outside Mass.Gov, and requiring all public-facing websites and applications to use a Mass.Gov address. This directive was subsequently reinforced by Executive Order 510.The intention of these policies is to ensure secure, reliable, cost-effective websites, as well as present a customer-centric, single face of government. It's also important to us that residents recognize the valuable services state government delivers, which is obscured when agencies use a .com, .org or .edu address.
  • Questions & Answers on required use of the Mass.Gov portal

    Further clarification of the October 11, 2007 Secretary Kirwan memo requiring Executive Department websites to use the Mass.Gov portal platform.
  • Secretariat Request for Waiver  doc format of Secretariat Request for Waiver

    This form is an application for a waiver for Executive Department agencies under a Secretariat to redesign an existing website or develop a new one.
  • November 2007 Memo Regarding Executive Department Websites

    This administration's vision is to leverage the Mass.Gov portal to achieve a "single face of government," improve service to citizens and increase operational efficiency. Our intention is to complete the consolidation of all individual Executive Department agency websites into 8 secretariat "sub-portals" on Mass.Gov. From this point onward, secretariats and their agencies should not redesign existing sites or develop new websites without seeking approval from ITD.