TO: Cabinet Secretaries and Agency Heads

FROM: Jay Gonzalez, Secretary, Executive Office for Administration and Finance
Kyle Sullivan, Director of Communications, Office of the Governor

RE: Executive Department Websites

DATE: June 18, 2010

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In November 2007, ANF issued a directive prohibiting development of new Executive Department websites outside Mass.Gov, and requiring all public-facing websites and applications to use a Mass.Gov address. This directive was subsequently reinforced by Executive Order 510 pdf format of Executive Order 510 (Mass. Register # 1125)

The intention of these policies is to ensure secure, reliable, cost-effective websites, as well as present a customer-centric, single face of government. It's also important to us that residents recognize the valuable services state government delivers, which is obscured when agencies use a .com, .org or .edu address.

It has come to our attention that agencies are still developing websites and applications that don't comply. For that reason, we wish to remind you that you must get prior permission from the Commonwealth CIO for any non-Mass.Gov website or web address whenever any state labor or services, or federal, state or other funding, are intentionally contributed by an executive department agency to the creation, maintenance or promotion of a website or application. Failure to seek permission may result in adverse decisions on agency IT funding requests.

MassIT will, in consultation with your Secretariat CIO, Communications Director and Mass.Gov representative, conduct an analysis of whether and to what degree Commonwealth standards and policies apply to the website or application at issue.

A waiver signed by the Commonwealth CIO is required if you wish to involve the Governor in promoting a state-sponsored website or application that does not use a Mass.Gov address. Additionally, your Secretariat CIO must certify that it complies with all other policies and standards in order to ensure that the Governor is promoting a reliable, secure and accessible website.

We recognize there are many websites outside of Mass.Gov, or applications that use .com, .org or .edu web addresses, which predated E.O. 510. Bringing them into compliance is part of the secretariat process.

Additional information on website policies based on the directive can be found at Please contact Ryan Boehm if you have questions about the Governor promoting your website, or Linh Tran if you have questions about website policies or consolidation.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Information provided by the Massachusetts Office of Information Technology, Mass.Gov Office. Last reviewed: June 19, 2015.