• Privacy policies are required for executive department websites

    This memo was issued on April 27, 2001, by Stephen Crosby, Secretary of Administration and Finance. It requires that all Executive Department websites adopt, post and enforce a website privacy policy.
  • Required elements for executive department website privacy policies

    Lists the baseline standards to assist agencies in developing a website privacy policy. These standards were developed to help Executive Departments comply with Secretary Crosby's April 27, 2001 memo which requires website privacy policies. In addition, any new Executive Department websites created after June 8, 2001, must also abide by these minimum requirements.
  • Social media legal guidance

    This Social Media Legal Guidance Toolkit is for you and your legal counsel to review and apply before implementing social media for your agency or authorizing employees to participate on social media sites. In order to avoid legal pitfalls, agencies should, at a minimum, take the steps outlined in this guidance as part of their social media program.

  • Enterprise Website Cookie Policy

    Cookies are small text files which are downloaded to your personal computer, mobile, or other device when you visit a website. This policy updates the provisions of the Executive Department's "Requirements of Agency Web Site Privacy Policies" which pertain to use of cookies.
  • The Commonwealth's Website Privacy Policies  ppt format of The Commonwealth's Website Privacy Policies

    A presentation describing the Commonwealth's new web privacy policy by Linda Hamel, General Counsel, MCLE, December 6, 2001.