April 27, 2001
Re: Web Site Privacy Policy
To: Executive Department Secretariats, Agencies, and Authorities

I write to advise you of Governor Swift's website privacy policy. The Swift Administration believes strongly that the Commonwealth must do its utmost to protect the privacy of citizens who interact with the Executive Branch through its web pages. It is critical that users have every opportunity to make fully informed decisions about the information they disclose when using our websites.

Accordingly, we are requiring each secretariat, agency, department, or other entity operating a website, to adopt, post, and enforce a suitable privacy policy. We have compiled baseline standards with which each of those webpage privacy policies must comply. I am enclosing a copy of these requirements with this letter.

The privacy policy in use at the Governor's website serves as a good model. However, we recognize that it may not be suitable for use by all agencies. You will need, therefore, to tailor your privacy policies to conform to laws and regulations that are specific to your agency.

Your privacy policy must be posted on your website no later than June 8, 2001. If you have a compelling need for additional time, please contact me in writing to request an extension.

As to independent authorities, we urge and encourage you to adopt policies that are in compliance with this directive.

Thank you for your cooperation in assisting us to achieve this important goal.

Very truly yours,
Stephen P. Crosby

Information provided by the Information Technology Division, Mass.Gov Office. Last reviewed: June 10, 2009.