• Procurement Forms & Boiler Plate Language

    For future reference, you may access this page by using www.mass.gov/itd/legaltemplates

    A compilation of forms, templates and tools to assist customers in procuring IT services.
  • Electronic Signatures, Contracts & Records

  • IT Development & Procurement; Software Licensing

  • Privacy & Security

  • E-Discovery Program Handouts & Presentations

    Developments in E-Discovery under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and State Trial Court Guidelines. Program materials from October 2, 2007 seminar.
    ITD would like to thank the following panelists for their contribution: Rosemary Connolly Trial Division Chief from Attorney General's Office Alan Cote, Supervisor of Public Records from the Secretary of State's Office Jenny Hedderman, Deputy General Counsel, Office of the Comptroller Greg Massing, General Counsel, Executive Office of Public Safety
  • Acceptable Use Policy

    Formerly referred to as, "Administration and Finance Policy on the Use of Information Technology Resources." This policy addresses the use of information technology resources for employees and contractors at all Administration & Finance agencies. This policy may also be used as a template by other agencies.