• Cyber Law E-Government Memorandum

    Transmittal memo for Commonwealth Website and Software Development Agreement Procedures. See procedures link for guidance.
  • Website & Software Development Agreement Procedures

    This document describes the process through which agencies procure website and software development; suggests the standards that agency counsel should incorporate into any agreements; and refers agency counsel to additional resources. Except for section V.B., Commonwealth Terms and Conditions, this document does not address issues pertaining to licenses for "off-the-shelf", i.e. already developed, software.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement  doc format of Non-Disclosure Agreement

    Sample non-disclosure agreement.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (Primeon)  doc format of Non-Disclosure Agreement

    Example of a non-disclosure agreement with Primeon.
  • Microsoft Licensing Guidelines

    These guidelines provide guidance about Microsoft's licensing program, including Software Assurance, in the context of Commonwealth enterprise standards.