To: Agency General Counsels and Agency Chief Information Officers
From: Linda M. Hamel, General Counsel, Information Technology Division
  Bill McAvoy, General Counsel, Operational Services Division
Cc: Cyber Law E-Government Advisory Roundtable
Subject: Procedures for Commonwealth Website and Software Development Agreements
Date: January 18, 2002
The Information Technology Division (ITD) and the Operational Services Division (OSD) hereby issue the attached document entitled "Commonwealth of Massachusetts Website and Software Development Agreement Procedures ".
This document provides guidance to agency counsel and information technology staff who are engaged in Website and software development projects. It was drafted by the Commonwealth's Cyber Law E-Government Advisory Roundtable's Software and Website Development Work Group, and includes input from legal and business staff of the Office of the State Comptroller, Operational Services Division and Information Technology Division. Agencies contemplating such projects should review the information contained in this document and, in particular, follow its specific guidelines for "Scope of Work" documents.
Please distribute a copy of this document to all agency counsel and IT staff who are engaged in Website and software development projects.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss this policy in greater detail, please feel free to contact Linda Hamel in ITD at (617) 626-4404 or Bill McAvoy in OSD at (617) 720-3327. Thank you for your anticipated compliance with these procedures.