• IT Acquisition Accessibility Compliance Program

    An important aspect of ensuring accessibility of the Commonwealth's information technology systems is to be sure accessibility requirements are included in contracts associated with them.  The IT Acquisition Accessibility Compliance Program provides required contract language and related guidance for Requests for Responses for IT solutions.
  • Web Accessibility

    For future reference, this page may be accessed by using www.mass.gov/itd/webaccessibility.

    Massachusetts has been a leader in working to make sure our online and other computer services do not discriminate against people with disabilities.  These resources will help content creators, designers, developers, and others ensure that their work can be used by people using a variety of assistive technologies, including specialized hardware and software.
  • Enterprise IT Accessibility Standards

    The standards provide minimum requirements to ensure that Massachusetts information technology solutions are available and accessible to people with disabilities.  This includes both Commonwealth employees in addition to members of the general public.
  • Statewide IT Accessibility Services Contract, ITS61

    ITS61 covers a wide range of information technology accessibility services, including consulting, testing, remediation, and training, as well as multimedia captioning and assistive technology scripting.