• IT Acquisition Access Compliance Program

    Accessibility requirements must be included in contracts for Commonwealth information technology systems to ensure they can be used by people with disabilities.  The IT Acquisition Accessibility Compliance Program provides required contract language and related guidance for IT solution procurements after December 1, 2006.

  • Web Accessibility Standards

    These standards are intended for use by all state agencies and their contractors to address accessibility issues in web page design and application development.

  • Enterprise IT Accessibility Standards

    The standards provide minimum requirements to ensure that Massachusetts information technology solutions are available and accessible to people with disabilities.  This includes both Commonwealth employees in addition to members of the general public.
  • Statewide IT Accessibility Services Contract, ITS61

    ITS61 covers a wide range of information technology accessibility services, including consulting, testing, remediation, and training, as well as multimedia captioning and assistive technology scripting.

  • IT Accessibility on CommonWiki

    A link to the IT Accessibility CommonWiki pages that have how-to guidance as well as references to relevant laws, regulations, and standards to help comply with accessibility requirements.