ITD is pleased to announce a new statewide contract for IT Accessibility Services, ITS52DesignatedITD (or "ITS52".)  ITS52 can help government entities get expert assistance to ensure that information technology services do not discriminate against people with disabilities.

ITS52 can be used for:

  • Testing websites and applications for accessibility
  • Assessing and fixing accessibility problems with websites, applications, and documents
  • Training in accessibility requirements and techniques
  • Meeting accessibility requirements for audio and video
  • Providing accommodations for employees using legacy systems

 As a statewide contract, ITS52 can be used by state and local government entities across the Commonwealth - from state agencies to municipal offices and public libraries, schools, collages, and universities - as well as other states and territories.

ITS52 is comprised of six categories of services that were chosen based on input from Commonwealth IT staff.  Vendors have been selected for each category based on their expertise.  When using ITS52, only vendors included in the relevant category can be used.

Category A: Accessibility Audit Services

This category is the replacement for the former statewide contract ITS34, Assistive Technology testing.  Vendors in this category must be used to meet contractual or other obligations for third-party accessibility testing.  They may also be used in cases where an authoritative, impartial accessibility assessment of IT services or programs is needed.

ITS52 Category A Accessibility Audit Services on COMMBUYS

Category B: Accessibility Consulting Services

Vendors in this category offer a variety of professional services specific to IT accessibility, including planning and strategy; development/QA testing; and web/application design, development, and remediation.

ITS52 Category B Accessibility Consulting Services on COMMBUYS

Category C: Document Remediation Services

The vendors in this category assess and fix accessibility problems with common office document formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Portable Document Format (PDF).

ITS52 Category C Document Remediation Services on COMMBUYS

Category D: Accessibility Training Services

Vendors in this category provide a mix of predefined courses and custom training development services geared to train managers, developers, content creators, and others on the hows and whys of accessibility.

ITS52 Category D Accessibility Training Services on COMMBUYS

Category E: Multimedia Transcription, Captioning, and Description Services

Vendors in this category provide services to create text equivalents for audio and video materials to meet accessibility requirements for deaf and hard-of-hearing users.  Some also offer live captioning services for real-time broadcasts and/or video description services, which provide audio and/or text alternatives for videos.

ITS52 Category E Multimedia Transcription, Captioning, and Description Services on COMMBUYS

Category F: Assistive Technology Scripting Services

Vendors in this category provide custom scripts for screen readers and other assistive technologies to accommodate the needs of individual internal users, typically on legacy systems.

ITS52 Category F Assistive Technology Scripting Services on COMMBUYS

Using the Contract

The IT Accessibility Services Contract User Guide pdf format of IT Accessibility Services Contract User Guide
provides an overview of how to use the contract.  The complete set of ITS52 contract documents are on COMMBUYS.