Document TypePurposeDefinitionExample
Enterprise PolicyRequirementA document that outlines specific requirements and rules that must be met. These mandatory and enforceable directives are often supported by Standards, Procedures and architecture documents that provide more detail on implementation and compliance.Enterprise Open Standards Policy
Enterprise StandardRequirementCollections of system-specific or procedural-specific requirements that must be met.Web Accessibility Standards
Enterprise ProcedureRequirementImplementation requirements or detailed steps that must be taken to comply with a particular policy.Attack Intrusion Notification Procedures
Enterprise Technical Reference Model (ETRM)Required target architecture for migrationAn enterprise architecture document that includes reference specifications for systems and technologies. These specifications include technical standards that are most often open standards but may also be proprietary de facto standards where there is no consensus on an open standard. The specifications may also include Enterprise Technology Solutions which include Commonwealth shared business or technical services that agencies are required or encouraged to use when there is a business need, or products or tools on which the Commonwealth has standardized. 
ETRM - Service Oriented Architecture The ETRM document used to identify the technical standards, specifications and technologies that support the Commonwealth's target Service Oriented Architecture.ETRM v3.6
ETRM - Operating Environment The ETRM document used to identify the technical standards, specifications and technologies that support the Commonwealth's computing environment and infrastructure. This document addresses Disciplines not covered by the ETRM - Service Oriented Architecture.TBD
CIO AdvisoryRecommendationCIO Advisories are issued by the Commonwealth CIO for immediate attention. Commonwealth entities are strongly encouraged to follow the recommendations provided in these advisories. Best practices contained in these documents are subsequently considered for incorporation in enterprise policies and standards as required practices.Protection of Agency Information
GuidelineRecommendationA collection of system specific or procedure specific suggestions for best practices that guide the implementation of policies and standards. Guidelines are advisory in nature and are strongly recommended.Microsoft Licensing Guidelines
White PaperInformationProvide basic information on emerging technologies or IT strategy and may include the Commonwealth's current position.TBD