• Cabling Standards and Guidelines

    Once there are more than a handful of devices needing interconnectivity -- telephones, computer terminals, personal computers, faxes, servers, bridges, and routers -- it is necessary to use a structured cabling system. These guidlelines provide for a generic, structured cabling system, which can support both current and future communication systems.
  • Hardening Guidelines

    Compilation of guides for hardening various operating system components. -- This content is restricted to internal users on the Commonwealth's wide area network (MAGNet). Commonwealth agencies who are not on MAGNet may obtain a current copy of these documents by contacting ITD's Service Desk at CommonhelpServiceDesk@massmail.state.ma.us or 1-866-888-2808.
  • Host Names and the Commonwealth Internet Domain Name Service (DNS) (V1.0)

    Guidelines for assigning and requesting host names within the state.ma.us domain.
  • Logical Network Architecture Guidelines

    State agencies should use these guidelines when making decisions about how to construct or evolve their networks to be capable of leveraging the state's wide area network, MAGNet.
  • Network Management Architecture Guidelines

    The goal of network management is to maximize network availability, performance, and benefits to network users. This is accomplished through five basic management activities: fault management; configuration and name management; performance management; security management; and accounting management.