• How to get an official state social media account

    Any user can sign up for a social media account with a catchy name and begin to post information. But how do you tell if the information provided is really from a state agency or just someone trying to make you believe they represent that agency? Learn how to request that your social media account be considered an "official" state account and have it appear on the Commonwealth's Official Social Media Account list .

  • Social Media Playbook

    The Mass.gov Social Media Team can provide your agency, department, or division with additional information and trainings to help you in the Social Media Playbook:

    • Set up an account
    • Create an editorial calendar
    • Create and publish social media content
    • Monitor inbound communications to your social media pages
    • Reply appropriately to constituent questions
    • Analyze social media statistics
    • Follow social media best practices
    • Plan and implement social media campaigns

    If your secretariat, agency, department, or division is interested in these services, please contact: massgov.socialmedia@mass.gov

    Please note: you must have a CommonWiki login to access this information. If you do not have a CommonWiki login, you can sign up with your state email account.

  • Legal guidance toolkit

    Most social media sites are hosted by third party providers. Therefore agencies have limited control over the functionality offered by such sites and the legal terms to which they are subject. Moreover, use of social media by state employees, both on the job and at home, raises new legal questions. In order to avoid legal pitfalls, agencies should, at a minimum, take the steps outlined in this guidance as part of their social media program.
  • Sample Social Media Participation Policy  docx format of Sample Social Media Participation Policy

    This document formalizes the policy for employees that are managers, non-union employees and contractors (“users”) on the use of social media sites. This policy shall also extend to bargaining unit members, except that Section 3 (Required Work-Related Use of Social Media) shall apply to such members only if they have voluntarily agreed in writing with their employer to the use of social media as a job responsibility.