Below are links to the "official" social media accounts for Massachusetts state government agencies.

What is an "Official Social Media Account?"

An "Official Social Media Account" is defined as an agency's social media account that is:

  • specifically associated with the agency or a position within the agency (e.g. @MassGov, @MassDCR, @MassGovernor etc.)
  • used for communicating with the public about the agency and its business, goals, or mission

Official Social Media Accounts are not an individual's social media account (e.g. an employee's personal Facebook profile or Twitter account) and agencies are advised not to use an employee's personal account for communication about the agency. State social media accounts are agency assets and therefore should be managed and controlled by the agency rather than associated with a specific individual.

It is also important to note that an Official Social Media Account may or may not be "verified" by the social media provider of that account. A "verified" social media account one that has been confirmed by the social media provider (e.g. Twitter or Facebook) as an account that is controlled by, and associated with, the identified user (e.g. the Governor's Twitter account has been verified by Twitter). Ideally, an agency's social media account should be both an Official Social Media Account and also be verified by the social media provider (when possible).

Why should I identify our agency's social media accounts as an Official Social Media Account?

By identifying an agency's social media account as an Official Social Media Account and listing it as such on the website, the public will be able to easily tell whether or not a specific social media account is controlled by a state governmental agency. Otherwise, social media users may be unsure as to whether a particular social media account is (or is not) associated with a state government agency.

How does the team keep track of Official Social Media Accounts?

Agency social media accounts that have been submitted through this process will be recognized by the Mass.Gov team as an Official Social Media Account. At this time, we only recognize the following as Official Social Media Accounts, but that could change in the future:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogs
  • YouTube
  • Flickr

Official Social Media Accounts will be:

Get your state social media account added to the Official Social Media Directory.

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