The GIC will be welcoming over 18,000 new members as the result of recent legislation that streamlined transportation agencies and folded Sheriffs departments from seven counties into the state. The several transportation agencies will be coming in at various times over the next six to eight months. Sheriffs departments employees and retirees are joining effective February 1, 2010.

This enrollment represents a big expansion of the GIC, which already covered 185,000 state and certain municipal members and over 300,000 lives prior to the legislation. The GIC continues to lead other employers in holding health care costs in check while also making strides in improving quality. Both the Governor and the Legislature have expressed their confidence in the GIC's ability to help tackle exploding health care costs while providing comprehensive benefits.

This expansion takes place with limited resources and the GIC is working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible. Communication materials for the new groups are being produced and distributed, but many employees and retirees will have a very short window of time to make their benefit decisions. Like all members, these employees and retirees may change their health plan during the spring annual enrollment if they are dissatisfied with their selection. New agency employees and retirees will be eligible for health, life and other benefits available to state employees and retirees.

Welcome to new employees, retirees and their dependents of the following groups!

Massachusetts Department of Transportation:

  • MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority)
  • Massachusetts Turnpike Authority
  • Massport Tobin Bridge

County Sheriffs Departments from the following counties:

  • Barnstable
  • Bristol
  • Dukes
  • Nantucket
  • Norfolk
  • Plymouth
  • Suffolk

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission.