The Administration and Finance Division is committed to providing the highest quality infrastructure and support services in support of the OSA’s overall mission to make state government work better. The teams within the Administration and Finance Division include Operations, Human Resources, and Information Technology.

The Operations team performs all financial and administrative functions, including procurement, budget, payroll and benefits, and inventory control, and operates the OSA Copy and Mail Center. This work includes preparing and managing the annual budget and developing the annual spending plans with the Governor’s office and the Legislature. OSA Operations also manages multiple aspects of OSA office operations, including security of all OSA offices, oversight of rental leases, and document archives.

The Human Resources team develops, implements, and administers practices, policies, and programs to attract and retain the highest quality employees and to support them in delivering high-value contributions to the organization. The team is dedicated to ensuring effective, efficient, appropriate, and equitable Human Resources practices throughout the OSA and to providing and promoting a safe, professional and discrimination/harassment-free work environment in compliance with applicable employment laws and government regulations.

The Information Technology team is committed to providing a reliable, secure, and effective technology environment for all OSA staff and physical office locations. The team maintains a safe and secure network environment for its users and provides the backbone for the collection, analysis, and reporting of internal budget and management data as well as the electronic interface and data exchange among the OSA, government agencies, private entities, and individuals.