Suzanne M. Bump


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Suzanne M. Bump, the 25th Auditor of the Commonwealth, and the first female to serve in this role in the state's history, was sworn into office in January 2011.

Upon taking office, Auditor Bump sought to modernize and professionalize her office by instituting training programs, encouraging employees to earn professional certifications, and developing a career ladder program to support employee professional development. Through these improvements, Auditor Bump led her office in just three years from failing an outside review from the National State Auditor’s Association (NSAA) to receiving its highest rating in 2014.

Bump expanded the use of technology throughout the agency, and championed the development and utilization of advanced data analytics capabilities to identify waste, fraud, and abuse throughout government. These tools improve effectiveness and efficiency by allowing the office to more quickly identify areas of risk, and focus the time and talent of auditors in these areas.

Through her leadership, Bump’s office has had a significant impact promoting accountability and transparency, and building public trust in government. In her first five years in office, Bump identified over a billion dollars in inappropriate spending, or missed savings opportunities. Other significant accomplishments include:

Bump and her office have received national recognition for their work. In 2016, she received an NSAA Excellence in Accountability Award for an audit that identified record waste in MassHealth. She was appointed to serve on the U.S. Government Accountability Office’s Domestic Working Group to advise the Comptroller General. In addition, she and her team were invited by their peers to present their successes using data analytics at the Albuquerque Chapter of the Association of Government Accountants’ (AGA) annual conference in 2015. She and her staff have also been recognized by national and statewide publications for their work to improve government accountability, including the Council of State Governments, the Boston Globe, and Modern Healthcare.

Prior to her election, Auditor Bump served in former Governor Deval Patrick’s cabinet as Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development and had represented the Town of Braintree for eight years in House of Representatives. In the private sector, she worked as a business advocate, legal counsel, and has sat on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations including the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and St. Francis House.

Auditor Bump currently chairs the Municipal Finance Oversight Board, serves on the board of the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission, the Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System, the Executive Committee of the National State Auditors Association, and is a past president of the Association of Governmental Accounting’s Boston Chapter.

A native of Whitman, Massachusetts, Auditor Bump attended Cardinal Spellman High School and is a graduate of Boston College and Suffolk University School of Law.