• In the Commonwealth education is a high priority, and our audits are intended to preserve the integrity of the state educational programs and to ensure set standards are met.  Education entities subject to audits include administration agencies such as Department of Early and Secondary Education, and the Department of Higher Education, as well education providers including state universities, colleges, community colleges, education collaboratives and charter schools.

    In 2011, the OSA released 25 audits pertaining to education entities. These reports included audits of the education collaborative system including the Merrimack Special Education Collaborative, an audit of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s compliance with the anti-hazing law, audits of federal student assistance programs at eight public colleges, two audits investigating thefts or unaccounted variances reported in accordance with Chapter 647 of the Acts of 1989, and, as part of the Single Audit of the Commonwealth, a report on the Department of Early Education and Care.