• Chapter 647 - Responsibilities under the Internal Control Law

    Department managers need to ensure continued adherence to the requirements of Chapter 647 of the Acts of 1989. Chapter 647 establishes internal control standards that define the minimum level of quality acceptable for internal control systems in operation throughout the various state agencies and department's and constitute the criteria against which such internal control systems will be evaluated. Internal control systems must, of course, include all aspects of a departments business - programmatic operations as well as financial.

  • Municipal Finance Oversight Board (MFOB)

    Municipal Finance Oversight Board (MFOB) reviews applications from municipalities, to borrow money to fund emergency repairs, capital improvement projects, and land acquisition utilizing the Commonwealth’s bond rating , saving taxpayer money.

  • Regulatory Mandates on Cities & Towns

    State managers must be mindful of the financial impact of their rule-making activities on local units of government, and strive to minimize compliance costs. This is necessary in light of laws enacted as part of Proposition 2 1/2, as well as other state laws and executive orders. The information found here summarizes the primary requirements, and notes sources available for consultation in gauging the fiscal effect of state regulations on cities and towns.

  • The Commonwealth's Privatization Law Mass. General Laws Chapter 7, 52-55

    Massachusetts Law requires that the State Auditor approve all privatization contracts entered into by state agencies to ensure that the cost of performing the service by the private vendor is less costly than having the work done by state employees, and that the quality of services will be equal or better. The law applies to contracts that have an aggregate value of $559,637 or more.