For Immediate Release - October 02, 2012

Audit Finds Improvements at Greenfield Housing Authority

BOSTON, MA — State Auditor Suzanne Bump today announced an audit of the Greenfield Housing Authority (GHA) that found the agency has resolved sanitation and maintenance issues highlighted in a prior audit, but still must make improvements to its preventative maintenance plan.

The audit found that GHA has adequately addressed deficiencies uncovered in a 2005 audit, correcting all instances of non-compliance with state sanitary codes, securing additional funds for maintenance projects, resolving funding discrepancies between it and the state, and identifying buildable lots to expand its housing capacity.

Today’s audit also identified areas needing improvement. The 2005 audit found the GHA had no system in place for regular inspections of its housing units.  The current audit found the Authority had established a formal plan for maintenance and inspection, but the plan lacked a specific requirement to conduct annual inspections.  Such a requirement would improve the authority’s ability to ensure its units are consistency meeting standards. 

With the exception of the maintenance plan, the audit found the GHA maintained adequate management controls and complied with applicable laws, rules, and regulations for the areas tested.

The Office of the State Auditor Suzanne Bump (OSA) conducts financial, performance, and technical assessments of state government’s programs, departments, agencies, authorities, contracts, and vendors. With its reports, the OSA issues recommendations to improve accountability, efficiency, and transparency.


Audit: Greenfield Housing Authority  pdf format of Greenfield Housing Authority