For Immediate Release - October 02, 2013

State House Softball: Auditors vs. the Treasury

Putting their calculators and spreadsheets aside, staff from both the Massachusetts Office of the State Auditor and the Office of the Treasurer and Receiver General will compete in a friendly game of softball Thursday evening on Boston Common.

The softball match comes as a result of a challenge from State Auditor Suzanne Bump to her fellow constitutional officer, Treasurer Steven Grossman. Upping the ante, Treasurer Grossman suggested a wager: If Auditor Bump’s office wins, Treasurer Grossman will provide her staff with scoops of his signature sweet, local Massachusetts ice cream. If Treasurer Grossman’s office wins, in honor of her home town, Auditor Bump will bake for his staff some Whitman-style Toll House chocolate-chip cookies.

Both Auditor Bump and Treasurer Grossman will play in the contest.

“Game on,” said Auditor Bump.

“Our friends in the Auditor’s office are up for a serious challenge,” said Grossman.

Will the auditors detect their own outfield integrity deficiencies? Will the Treasury find unclaimed victory? Find out this Thursday on the Common!



WHEN:   Thursday, October 3, 2013, 5:15 p.m.

WHERE:  Boston Common playing field, at the corner of Boylston St. and Charles St.