• Seeking Legislative Action for Education Collaborative Reform

    September 9, 2011

    State Auditor Suzanne Bump today testified on oversight in the education collaborative system before the Joint Committee on Education. In her testimony Auditor Bump reported the sum of the findings and recommendations which resulted from audits of the Merrimack Special Education Collaborative (MSEC), READS, and Southeastern Massachusetts Educational Collaborative (SMEC), along with previous findings at EDCO and The Education Cooperative (TEC). To the Joint Committee’s legislative members, Auditor Bump urged for swift action to address laws which govern education collaboratives. Learn more about education collaborative reform and read Auditor Bump's testimony with materials provided below.

    Audit Highlights: Education Collaboratives: Merrimack, Reads and Southeastern Massachusetts  pdf format of Education Collaboratives
    Testimony:  Testimony of State Auditor Suzanne M. Bump Joint Committee on Education Oversight Hearing on Education Collaboratives  pdf format of Testimony of State Auditor Suzanne M. Bump

  • iBerkshires: State Auditor Publishes Election Reimbursements

    September 16, 2011

    State Auditor Suzanne M. Bump says the state must give cities and towns more than $2.48 million to cover the cost of extra mandated polling hours for the 2012 March Presidential primary, the September state primary and the November final elections.

    The amounts dispersed vary wildly. North Adams will receive $6,552 and Pittsfield $14,742, with smaller communities like Williamstown ($1,161), Clarksburg ($684) and Sheffield ($603) getting much less.

    The auditor's Division of Local Mandates determined in 1983 that a state law requiring municipalities to keep voting places open three extra hours was an unfunded mandate and that the state must pay for the increase in election-day staffing costs. The hours are usually earlier and later than regular municipal elections.

    Read more at iBerkshires.com

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  • Auditor Bump Welcomes New Class of Professionals

    September 9, 2011

    State Auditor Suzanne M. Bump this week welcomes to her staff 20 new audit employees. In a continuation of the sweeping reforms announced in May, these new hires are part of her effort to raise professional standards and increase the office’s capabilities. OSA undertook recruitment events at Boston-area business schools and regional job fairs. All new employees hold certifications and college degrees within the auditing field including two CPAs, two JDs, and eight master degrees. All 20 hold bachelor degrees. See the full list of new employees below.

    Shaun AlixField AuditorBS in Business Administration, Accounting
    Suzanne BarryAudit SupervisorCPA, BS in Accounting and Finance
    Matthew CagnoField AuditorBS in Business Management
    Robert GiamatteiAudit SupervisorMBA, BS in Finance
    Debbie HawkinsField AuditorBA in Mathematics
    Michael JacquesField AuditorBS in Management
    Robert KeaneAudit SupervisorCPA, MBA, BS in Business Administration
    Samantha LozziField AuditorBS in Accounting, MBA Candidate
    Michael LucasField AuditorBS in Accounting
    Denise LucciolaSenior AuditorMPH, BA in Psychology
    Ryan MylreaField AuditorMBA, JD, BS in Economics
    Kah NdiField AuditorMS in Accounting, BS in Business
    James PappasField AuditorMBA, BS in Accounting
    Karen PayneField AuditorMS in Management, BS
    Carl PlautField AuditorBS in Business Administration
    Brendan PriceStaff AnalystBS in Business Administration, MPA candidate
    Jeffrey RayballField AuditorJD, BA in Political Science
    Michael SilversteinField AuditorBS in Business Administration
    Anthony StewartField AuditorMS in Business Administration, BS in International Business
    Paul TravagliniField AuditorBA in Business Management

    The new staff are in the midst of an intensive six-day training on auditing software, government accounting principles and ethics regulations as well as training through the Comptroller’s Office on the Commonwealth’s Accounting System known as MMARS.

    OSA’s entire audit staff joined the new employees Thursday for an all day training on OSA’s updated audit manual, an important tool in producing the highest quality audit reports possible. Speakers at Thursday’s training include government auditing experts Dave Hancox and Ernie Almonte. Dave Hancox is the former Director of State Audits in New York and a noted speaker and author of Government Performance Audit in Action. Ernie Almonte is the former Rhode Island State Auditor, Chairman of Audit Advisory Committee at the Department of Defense, and CEO of Almonte Group LLC.

  • Auditor Bump's Interview on NECN

    September 1, 2011

    On Wednesday Auditor Suzanne Bump was a guest on NECN's Broadside with Jim Braude. Auditor Bump talked about her recent audits of three education collaboratives and her proposed reforms for the Massachusetts education collaborative system. Watch the full interview below.

    Click here to see Interview on NECN

  • Boston Globe: Auditor seeking expanded powers

    September 1, 2011

    State Auditor Suzanne M. Bump yesterday called for new legislation that would broaden her authority to investigate the private organizations that provide an increasing share of the state's public services with taxpayer money.

    Bump said a pattern of excessive salaries, pension abuse, and other improprieties at the special education collaboratives that serve children with disabilities shows that the state's fiscal watchdogs need more authority to monitor the spending of taxpayer money.

    The legislation, which Bump referred to as the "follow-the-money-bill," would authorize her to audit the use of state funds by any organization, whether it is a government agency, a nonprofit group, a for-profit vendor, or a private subcontractor.

    "It would allow me to go wherever the public money is," Bump said at a news conference at which she also introduced a series of recommendations to increase oversight of the state's 30 educational collaboratives.

    Read more in the Boston Globe

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