• Financial Mismanagement Uncovered in Audit of the Weymouth Housing Authority

    March 29, 2012

    An audit of the Weymouth Housing Authority issued by State Auditor Suzanne Bump today revealed the past administration’s numerous poor financial management practices.

    “When taken together, the many faults we uncovered call into question the previous Authority’s ability to properly manage resources to benefit the lives of the residents they serve,” said Auditor Bump. “The current administration has been cooperative with our audit process and is using our findings to improve its operations.”

    Areas of criticism included board oversight, credit card use, relationships with related non-profits, vacancy turnover and rent collection, excessive payments to a tenant association, and more.

    Audit Report:  Weymouth Housing Authority  pdf format of Weymouth Housing Authority
    Press Release: Financial Mismanagement Uncovered in Audit of the Weymouth Housing Authority

  • Auditor Bump Voted As President-elect of AGA Boston

    March 14, 2012

    Yesterday, at the annual Professional Development Conference for the Boston Chapter of the Association of Government Accountants (AGA Boston), State Auditor Suzanne M. Bump was elected by the membership to become the organization's future President. Auditor Bump will officially become AGA Boston's President-elect in July 2012 and will take on the role of President in 2013.

    AGA Boston Chapter serves professionals in the government financial management community by providing quality education, fostering professional development, and participating in local community projects for the New England area. Currently, AGA Boston has over 300 members who work in federal, state, and local governments as well as the private sector.

    AGA Boston's current President is Shawn Warren, a CPA from KPMG, and the current President-elect is Ernest Almonte, former Auditor General of Rhode Island. Duties of for AGA's regional Presidents include being responsible for the overall operation of the chapter, presiding over monthly meetings of the chapter's leadership, and coordinating with the AGA's national office.

    Press Release: Auditor Bump Elected Future President of the Association of Government Accountants’ Boston Chapter

  • Charlestown Nonprofit Lacks Documentation for $2.3 Million Charged to the State

    March 8, 2012

    State Auditor Suzanne M. Bump announced today the results of an audit which found insufficient documentation for $2.3 million in expenses charged to the state by the Life Focus Center (LFC), a Charlestown nonprofit which provides services for disabled persons. Areas in question include services provided, credit card use, contract billings, payroll, staff bonuses, and travel expenses.

    “We are trying to enforce a simple rule – if you want to do business with the state you follow the state’s rules when you spend the money,” said Auditor Bump. “Each year the LFC spends about $2 million in taxpayer dollars but we can’t tell if it was all properly spent because they didn’t keep the records to account for much of it.”

    The audit questions as much as $123,173 in credit card expenses charged by the LFC against its state contracts. The LFC’s Executive Director used the credit cards to make numerous purchases at various out-of-state restaurants and shops, including the New Hampshire Liquor Store and a souvenir shop at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The LFC charged the expenses to state contracts as “program supplies” without any documentation identifying the business nature of the expenses.

    In addition, the audit disclosed that the LFC charged the state $200,644 in contracted services to relatives of the LFC’s administrators without use of written contracts or a competitive procurement process to hire these individuals. Furthermore, for three years of part-time work, the LFC paid its Staff Director’s husband, whos invoices indicated that he often worked from his home, $183,008 as a consultant to function primarily as a grants writer. In that time the LFC only received $9,284 in grants and the staff Director’s husband failed to adequately document what services were provided and the hours he actually worked. Additionally, the brother-in-law of the Executive Director and the brother-in-law of the Deputy Director were paid $6,600 and $11,036 respectively to provide maintenance services without LFC reporting their compensation to the Internal Revenue Service or the Department of Revenue or producing documentation of work performed.

    Audit Report: Life Focus Center of Charlestown, Inc.  pdf format of Life Focus Center of Charlestown, Inc.
    Press Release: Audit: Charlestown Nonprofit Lacks Documentation for $2.3 Million Charged to the State