• MetroWest Daily News - State auditor: Budget cuts boost risk of abuse, fraud

    November 30, 2012 - The following content was originally published by the MetroWest Daily News

    Budget cuts have eroded the state's ability to oversee publicly-funded programs and created a greater risk for abuse and fraud, state Auditor Suzanne Bump told a crowd of MetroWest businesspeople Friday.

    Bump, two years into her first term, said her office is cracking down to maintain the public's trust and confidence, but limited resources are taking a toll. Part of the challenge, she said, is that vendor contracts, which represent a large part of the budget, take centralized control of programs away from the state.

    "If the state cannot afford program oversight, then it can't afford the program," the Democrat said during the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce's TD Bank Breakfast at the Sheraton Framingham.

    Her office is conducting "more and more" audits of those outside vendors, Bump said, since the state has farmed out so many services without increasing its supervision of contracts. 

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  • Auditor Bump Finds Mixed Results at Office of the Jury Commissioner

    November 26, 2012

    A 2008 audit of the OJC contained several recommendations for the agency to improve its operations. This week’s audit finds that in three instances the OJC acted on those recommendations, including implementation of new best practices  which reduced the amount of time needed by jurors.  In 2010, 58,000 fewer would-be jurors appeared in court than in 2008 and the number of days jurors appeared at a court without being used decreased.

    The audit notes that not all prior issues have been resolved. The audit identified continued noncompliant procurement of IT services and timely deactivation of computer network user accounts held by former employees.

    Press Release: Auditor Bump Finds Mixed Results at Office of the Jury Commissioner
    Audit: Office of the Jury Commissioner  pdf format of Office of the Jury Commissioner

  • Audit finds over $500K in questionable and unallowable costs at Freetown Nonprofit

    November 20, 2012

    State Auditor Suzanne Bump issued an audit today which found over a half-million dollars in questionable and unallowable costs at a state-funded human service provider.

    Known until May 5, 2011 as the Institute for Developmental Disabilities, Crystal Springs is located in the Freetown village of Assonet and provides special education, therapeutic and residential services to approximately 110 disabled children and adults. The audit reviewed compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and contracts and identifies operational and administrative areas for improvement. It did not assess the quality or appropriateness of services.

    “The mission of Crystal Springs and other agencies of this type is vital to the welfare of some of our most vulnerable citizens,” Bump said. “The services provided have a significant impact on people throughout the state. State resources that fund these programs must be maximized and well-spent in accordance with laws and regulations. This audit highlights some areas that are in need of improvement.”

    Press Release: Audit finds over $500K in questionable and unallowable costs at Freetown nonprofit
    Audit: The Institute for Developmental Disabilities, Inc.  pdf format of The Institute for Developmental Disabilities, Inc.