• The Auditor’s Office does much more than produce audits.  Sometimes our auditors and policy analysts perform reviews of government that do not meet the definition of an audit.  These reports, which we refer to here as Special Reports, may come as the result of survey research, legal analysis of the state’s laws and regulations, or a comparative analysis of several audits viewed together.  

    Here you will also find reports produced by some of OSA’s smaller divisions.  The Bureau of Special Investigations (BSI) is an important part of Auditor Bump’s office which investigates allegations of public benefit recipient fraud.  The BSI produces quarterly reports which detail their progress in stopping and preventing fraud.

    The Division of Local Mandates (DLM) is a critical resource for cities and towns, lawmakers and the Courts. Enacted as part of the Local Mandate law, the Division of Local Mandates has the authority to determine if a proposed or existing state law or regulation is an “unfunded mandate,” one that is noncompliant with the Local Mandates Law.  Here you will find past mandate determinations made by DLM as well as local financial impact reviews of state laws and regulations that have a significant impact on local spending.