• The Bureau of Special Investigations (BSI) serves an important function in the State Auditor’s Office - protecting public assistance programs from fraud and recovering taxpayer dollars from those who try to cheat the system, thereby maximizing resources for people truly in need of services. During challenging fiscal times, BSI investigations take on even greater importance as agencies and assistance programs struggle to stretch limited resources to help those in need.

    BSI examiners work with dozens of state agencies in tracking fraudulent claims. Investigations where examiners document illegal activity are turned over to the State Attorney General, ten District Attorneys' Offices, and the U.S. Attorney for potential criminal action and recovery of funds.

    While the bulk of cases are referred from state agencies, the general public plays a vital role in reporting fraud. The State Auditor's Office has an online form to report public assistance fraud. All complaints are kept confidential.

    BSI oversight identifies millions of dollars in fraud every year. Investigations also act as a deterrent to criminals and help agencies and vendors better manage public assistance programs as part of Auditor Bump’s mission to help government work better.

    Available here are BSI’s quarterly reports to the Legislature on its activities and findings.